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Salesforce Tips & Tricks 47: Folders and Subfolders

In this episode of Tips and Tricks, I'm going to show you how to utilize folders and subfolders to organize reports in Salesforce Lightning. To get started, let's click on the reports tab. Hit all folders. From here, I set up a sales reports folder. In this folder, I have already added 3 different subfolders. Eastern region, Central region and Western region. In this example, I want to take it a step further. In the Eastern region, I'd like to add another folder. One for the mid-atlantic. I'll hit save. Another folder for New England. And another titled South. Just like that, I added 3 new folders underneath the Eastern region, which is under the Sales Reports folder. A commonly asked questions is, "what is the security for these folders?" If you look under mid atlantic, I can hit view shares, and it will show me that I have the same security as I do for the top level folder. To add a new report, to my sub folder: I'll go to the report and hit new. From here, I can use the click path to save the report to my desired folder.