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Ryan Mavis Ryan was raised in Carroll, OH and is married with one child and a dog. He came to us with IT experience. In his free time Ryan enjoys anything outdoors and hands on, racing ATVs, following Supercross/Motocross, tinkering with home automation and spending time with his son.

A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption

Have you had concerns about becoming a victim of hacking? Implementing additional data security layers – such as encryption – can seem daunting and unobtainable for those who don’t fully understand it. To help you better understand, here is our beginner’s guide to encryption.   What is Encryption? Encryption is a way to prevent unauthorized…

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What is Li-Fi?

*Image sourced from   New industry buzzwords are hard to keep up with – especially in the technology industry.  New updates, models, releases, and more are now coming standard with new names and acronyms.  Light Fidelity, or Li-Fi, is an industry buzzword we think is worth talking about.   The term Li-Fi was coined during…

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Our Favorite Office 365 Features

Office 365 is the cloud-based, subscription model of Microsoft Office.  For a business, Office 365 comes in three different packages to meet varying business needs –  Business, Business Essentials, and Business Premium. Although Office 365 has been around since 2011, Microsoft continues to update the software and release new versions, typically labeled Enterprise (E) followed…

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Jailbroken Devices: A Security Risk to Your Company?

Mobile devices are showing up in company settings at an exponential rate. The two big leaders in this market are the Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) and the Google Android (Droid phones & Tablets) devices. It is becoming more and more common for consumers to “jailbreak” these devices. Jailbreaking is a way of bypassing the…

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