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Why Managed Services?

Business owners are continuously faced with challenges to grow, to innovate, and to increase efficiency and productivity.  While many business improvement initiatives require the time and energy of the owners and/or C-level executives, IT Support doesn’t have to be one of them. From In-House to Managed Service Provider (MSP) Small and medium business owners often…

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IT Trends to Watch in 2019

Cybersecurity IT Security should have the attention of all business owners.  The increase in security breaches since 2004 is staggering, with 2,200 data breaches reported in Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report alone.  Our customers tell us stories daily about how they were targeted or attacked via email: Urgent emails which appear to be from…

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Insurance Industry: What is Your Financial Services Cloud Tipping Point? 

In Saleforce’s Winter ’20 release, the twelfth release improving Financial Services Cloud (FSC), the suite of solutions continues to rapidly mature. With each new release, the return on investment of an FSC conversion increases. If you haven’t converted to FSC yet, what is your tipping point? Where does FSC fit on your Salesforce roadmap? Is…

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What to Expect at Dreamforce 2019

If you’re registered for Dreamforce 2019, you’ve – no doubt – received lots of emails about the amazing keynotes, 2700+ sessions, training bootcamps, the Expo, Campgrounds and Lodges, philanthropic events, and numerous parties… Whew! Yes, there really is that much crammed into 4 days. The official Dreamforce Get Ready page is full of good links…

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The Value of Inventory Traceability  

As an ERP and business consultant, I am often asked about the value of and need for inventory traceability. Inventory traceability is the ability to trace products and materials through the supply chain. For manufacturers, this feature is of particular concern. Manufacturers need the ability to trace the components and materials used in their finish…

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Inventory Accuracy

Inventory Accuracy is the relationship of physical inventory compared to stated inventory.  To put in the simplest terms: “Do I actually have what my systems tell me I have?”  Inventory accuracy can be managed using spreadsheets or in any system with a method of tracking and monitoring inventory levels.    Inventory accuracy is crucial in any industry and affects the day to day operations of the…

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