Industry Solutions

Revolution Group and Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform are purpose built for inventory accuracy and quality control. Revolution Group’s decades of manufacturing experience coupled with Plex’s market leading user adoption bring value to manufacturers that have demanding quality compliance requirements. Manufacturers that excel with Revolution and Plex value tight shop floor control, clear visibility to manufacturing execution and close adherence to the most stringent quality standards in manufacturing.


Transportation Industry Manufacturers

Manufacturers in the transportation industry are challenged by a demanding and competitive supply chain. They must deliver on complex customer requirements and at the same time maintain focus on reducing inventory, eliminating scrap, coping with unstable commodity costs, and dealing with an unpredictable workforce.

The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform was born on the automotive shop floor and delivers the visibility and integrated quality needed to make world-class transportation products.

With manufacturing roots originating in the Honda supply chain, Revolution Group has brought the benefits of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform to suppliers of all automotive OEMs in North America, producing a wide variety of automotive components.Some Common Continuous Improvement Initiatives


Food & Beverage Process Manufacturing

Food and beverage manufacturers face rigorous product quality and safety requirements, all while managing the day-to-day challenges of unpredictable demand, supply chain constraints and workforce challenges. Customer satisfaction and profitability are constantly threatened by the risk of costly recalls and batching and mixing mistakes.

Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform provides a unique combination of clear visibility to demand, tight inventory control with source ingredient validation and fully integrated quality and safety management all in one technology solution.

Revolution Group is the preferred Plex Partner for food and beverage manufacturers, with implementations across the United States.


Configure-to-Order Manufacturing

Manufacturing a customer order that has been tailored to meet specific needs of the customer requires a tight connection between sales and operations.

World Class ERP systems such as the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform bring these unique manufacturers the ERP framework their future will be built upon. Technology designed to work on industrial scale. At the speed of the 24/7/365, always-on, hyper-connected, just-in-time global economy, Plex offers a true breadth of superior ERP modules to meet the needs of today’s CTO manufacturer. Learn more about Configure-to-Order Manufacturing with Plex ERP.


Revolution Group’s Consultants are Manufacturing Experts

Revolution Group’s ERP consultants average 20 years of manufacturing experience, and they are eager to put that expertise to work for you. Their rich understanding of manufacturing and business processes will help you find and implement the ERP solution that best fits your organization’s needs. We partner with you to combine the knowledge and experience of your organization with our proven methodology, vision, and industry best practices to create success.

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3 Advanced Accounting Functions Available In Plex

As you know, Plex Smart Manufacturing’s robust accounting functions are great for capturing your real-time costs on the production floor and producing real-time financial reports based upon these transactions. Plex also has several advanced accounting functions which you may not be utilizing and may want to consider. Three of those advanced accounting functions which can…

Managing Your Business Remotely In The Cloud

The internet has introduced new ways of doing business for many industries and manufacturing is no exception. Gone are the days of bulky servers and cumbersome ERP packages. It is now possible to manage your entire operation via a web browser, smart phone, or tablet. Cloud-based ERP solutions are one of the fastest growing segments…

Automating Critical Business Processes with Workflow

Proper workflows are essential to maximizing your Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform experience. Many customers have not fully explored the benefits that workflow can provide to their organization. For example, one recent customer was not using workflow as part of their purchase order process. Employees with access to the purchase order module were able to freely…