ERP Modernization

ERP Modernization:  Reinvent the Way You do Business

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Are your legacy applications bogging your company down with cumbersome processes, endless maintenance costs, and the inability to scale?   Does your ERP technology strategy allow your organization to adapt and respond quickly to changes in the business environment?

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The Problem

Waiting to migrate away from legacy applications introduces variables your company simply cannot afford.  As the pace of customer expectations, competitive innovation, and data proliferation across applications increases, it’s important that your business processes stay ahead of the competition. But how can that be done at scale, without introducing new risks or additional costs?

The Solution 

Boomi helps manufacturers connect all the elements of their ERP application portfolio, enabling a flexible, vendor-agnostic composable ERP strategy that allows organizations to design and build an ERP application portfolio to deliver their business outcomes.  By quickly coordinating the integration of third-party applications, Boomi makes moving data and automating business processes easy.

The Boomi platform is cloud-native, enterprise-grade, and scalable. Which means it reduces the time to value, risks, and costs, while increasing your business agility. It does all this by connecting your apps and data sources seamlessly, and by making your business more agile.

The Advantages 

The advantages of a modern, cloud-native integration platform are significant compared to legacy middleware and custom-coded integrations.

  • Speed: A modern, cloud-native iPaaS helps organizations build integrations in onefifth of the time required by custom coding and traditional on-premise middleware. The speed at which you can connect new cloud applications to enterprise data is the key to increasing the speed of your modernization efforts and, ultimately, the speed of your business.
  • Agility: With the speed of an integration platform that uses a low-code development environment, you can easily provide data to applications and people when, where and how they need it, ensuring your organization can quickly respond to market opportunities and competitive pressures.
  • Reduced Costs: Because your integration work is done so much more quickly, development and testing time is dramatically reduced, helping trim labor costs. And with a cloud-native platform, you avoid all the capital costs of on-premise software, including hardware upkeep and software maintenance.
  • Reduced Risks: Integrations are no longer brittle. You can make changes quickly and easily. When new cloud applications change or add features, you can integrate those changes and additions on the fly. And with baked-in, guaranteed security features and standards support, a modern cloud integration platform provides consistent and thorough protection to all kinds of organizations, including major banks, healthcare organizations, and retailers.

Our clients are winning when it comes to business agility, and that’s because they’ve migrated away from legacy middleware to the Boomi unified platform. By making the switch, companies of all sizes are reducing their risks and costs, while increasing their time to value. Boomi enables all this and more by connecting your apps and data sources seamlessly, without the heavy lift of legacy middleware.

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