IT Security and Creating a Security Culture

IT Security in the Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to take a second look at the systems they have in place and the measures they are taking to keep their data and systems secure. The remote workforce needs special consideration with far more potential security vulnerabilities.

But, security is not something that has a beginning and an end for any company. It is not a separate entity or an IT project within an organization.  Instead, security must be part of the company DNA and the path to a truly secure organization is more about creating a Security Culture.

It’s about People, Process, and Technology

But Mostly People

Although not all companies have regulatory requirements around security, all organizations and people are impacted by security and associated risks. People, process, and technology all play a part in the building of a strong security culture.

Technology and good processes can help predict and mitigate risk and also provide the tools that people need to be more aware. However, people will always be the most important and unpredictable part of the equation.

Therefore, it is critical that companies provide ongoing security education to their workforce in order to create awareness and a strong security culture.

Security Training and More

Revolution Group helps companies develop a security culture by providing a layered approach through our Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) offering.  We also have specialized on-premise or remote Security Training sessions.

Security Training helps companies and individuals alter their security DNA, so that proper habits and protocol become ingrained in users and they react to their digital surroundings accordingly.

It is a matter of when — not if — a security incident will occur. Revolution Group would like to help you change your Security Culture and keep your users and your data safe.