Advanced Client Services

Advanced Client Services

A lot goes into maximizing your Plex investment, and growing pains caused by turnover and changing business needs can impact your bottom line. Revolution Group has been a Plex partner for over 20 years, and our Advanced Client Services (ACS) team are experts in supporting and helping businesses like yours. The Revolution Group ACS team can help with projects such as: 

On Demand, Ad Hoc Support

Are your business analysts at max capacity focusing on process improvement or adapting the organization to new business requirements? Are you experiencing turnover creating a Plex application knowledge gap? Our ACS team is designed to provide the right amount of the right skills at the right time to fully analyze your processes from a Plex AND operational perspective. The result – process improvement and operational efficiency. Every second counts in manufacturing!

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement is part of every manufacturer’s DNA and Plex technology is a key component to success. Our ACS team will bring Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle to your manufacturing environment through the lens of the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform. Ensuring your ERP solution is running at peak performance and giving you the best return on your investment, Continuous Improvement will provide you with processes and automation that you may never have known were possible. Continuous Improvement will help prioritize smaller projects and initiatives with incremental steps to improve your business processes and the use of the system. It maintains ongoing progression and forward movement.


Has your business changed dramatically in recent years? Plex changes constantly. Our ACS team will engage in a comprehensive assessment of your business and Plex utilization to formulate a plan to realign the technology to serve your business needs.

EDI Support

EDI is mission critical to effective communication with your trading partners. Our ACS team can bring an EDI specialist to your organization on a project basis OR long term support role based on your needs.

Plex Training Workshop

Talk to our ACS team about increasing Plex Smart Manufacturing knowledge in your organization by leveraging one of several Revolution training workshops designed for deep learning in key functional areas of Plex, including development, costing and business analyst skill building.

Customization & Development

Our ACS team brings a thorough understanding of manufacturing, Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform and customization capabilities to deliver solutions to customize applications to meet all your unique business requirements.

Whatever your specific business needs, our Advanced Client Services team can help. As the first Plex implementation partner, our team has an average of 20+ years of hands-on manufacturing experience from the shop floor to the top floor. Questions? We’re here to help.

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