ERP Deployment

Deploying a new ERP solution is a complex project that requires leadership commitment, hours of planning, company-wide buy-in, a well-designed strategic roadmap, and a strong project management team. Even then, it is estimated that 55-75% of ERP implementations fail.

Revolution Group has been deeply embedded in the manufacturing industry since our inception in 1995.  Our skilled ERP consultants average over 20 years of hands-on manufacturing experience from the shop floor to the top floor. With that expertise and the knowledge of manufacturing best practices, we developed a proprietary ERP deployment methodology that ensures success to our customers.

Our strategic method for delivering ERP services (RevEdge™) streamlines the process, allowing quicker time to value.  With a clear definition of your business objectives from the outset, we align your new ERP system and its functionality with your organizational goals.


Lightbulb DrawingWhat is RevEdge™ Deployment Methodology?

Preparation – Our implementation team clearly identifies the project scope and resources, creates a detailed project plan, conducts an initial gap analysis with your current systems, and educates all key resources.

Design – We further research organizational issues and refine the gap analysis. Then we configure, design and set up the new system and business processes.

Validation – After a small scope validation with sample data, we make corrective configurations, followed by data migration and further validation.

Readiness – We conduct a readiness assessment, test and assess, and make final go-live preparations.

Deployment – Go live!

Continuous Improvement – The process does not end after go-live. Senior ERP strategists guide you through continuous improvement of your ERP system to ensure you get maximum use and value.

ERP Deployment Partners

As a Plex Manufacturing Cloud and a NetSuite Solution Partner, Revolution Group has employed this process, resulting in hundreds of successful ERP deployments.  These powerful cloud-based ERP solutions provide a comprehensive business solution that supports: financial and managerial accounting, human resources, supply chain management, customer relationship management, project management and data services.

With our proven process and a choice in ERP solutions, manufacturers won’t go wrong with Revolution Group as their ERP selection and implementation partner.

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