Continuous Improvement

At Revolution Group, we understand that a manufacturing ERP system is always evolving to keep pace with constant changes in manufacturing. Our focus is to maximize your productivity and return on investment in Plex Manufacturing Cloud by forging strong relationships and delivering technical manufacturing solutions to everyday challenges. That’s why we offer ERP Continuous Improvement services which adhere to our refined system implementation methodology.

What is Continuous Improvement?

The American Society for Quality defines Continuous Improvement as “…the ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements. These efforts can seek ‘incremental’ improvement over time or ‘breakthrough’ improvement all at once.”

Revolution Group brings the Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) cycle to your manufacturing environment through the lens of your ERP technology. Ensuring your ERP solution is running at peak performance and giving you the best return on your investment, Continuous Improvement will provide you with processes and automation that you may never have known were possible.

Continuous Improvement will help prioritize smaller projects and initiatives with incremental steps to improve your business processes and the use of the system. It maintains ongoing progression and forward movement.

Why Continuous Improvement?

Enable transformation in your manufacturing operations through incremental improvements. Mitigate or eliminate waste and increase productivity. Every organization can improve their business processes and optimize their use of technology.

  • Did scope, budget or timing constraints limit the value of your initial implementation?
  • Are you working for technology OR is technology working for you?
  • Did your organization lose energy after an initial implementation, leaving you with a stagnant solution?
  • Have your business requirements evolved to keep up with your customers and market?
  • Have your processes changed to improve quality or meet regulatory standards?
  • Is there innovative technology or functionality that was previously unavailable that lessens or resolves a pain point?

Some Common Continuous Improvement Initiatives

When looking at your Plex deployment, it’s easy to see what was left out or failed to gain traction in the past. Here’s a short list of some common projects:

  • Finite scheduling
  • ECRs
  • Tooling and Maintenance
  • Enhanced Quality
  • Fixed Assets
  • Workflows
  • Advanced Requirements Planning
  • Transitioning to UX


What Revolution Group brings to Your Continuous Improvement Project

Revolution Group can help you re-energize your ERP environment. Our consultants will evaluate your current utilization and help you prioritize projects, changes and initiatives that will dramatically improve your ERP experience.

An Account Manager oversees and coordinates the delivery of your Continuous Improvement project.  Additionally, Revolution Group will provide the following resources in accordance with the quarterly resource plan supporting your specific initiatives:

  • ERP Strategy Consultant: Provides high level strategy, aligning the technology, people and process with your business goals and objectives.
  • Manufacturing ERP Consultant: Analyzes current processes and recommends changes to optimize business flows using the ERP functionality to close gaps.
  • Technical Architect:  Provides direction and guidance for the overall architecture of the technical design and oversees development resources as needed.
  • Developer: Provides input on the technical solution design as well as develops and programs custom application solutions in Plex or interacting with Plex.
  • Boomi Consultant: Provides input on integration technical solution design as well as develops solutions integrating technology applications.

Whether it is through new module implementation, custom development, or new feature implementation, Revolution Group can set you up for success with our Continuous Improvement services.

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