Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO Services in Columbus, Ohio


Take your IT Strategy to the next level, with Revolution Group’s Virtual CIO. Businesses large and small need professional and effective IT services. From budgeting and strategy, to forecasting and insight, proper IT infrastructure ensures that your business is running smoothly. At Revolution Group, our Virtual CIOs can provide your company with executive level technology strategy and direction, at a fraction of the cost of an in house IT department. 


Technology is the way modern companies run, and Revolution Group helps companies get the most out of it. Our Virtual CIOs are adept and technically accomplished professionals, who work with you to create and implement a technology strategy that’s right for you. Our experienced vCIOs can help point your business in the right direction and adapt to ever changing trends and tendencies. 


At Revolution Group, our fostered partnerships with our customers are paramount. We are in constant contact with our clients through regularly scheduled meetings with value-add discussion topics. This sustained communication allows our vCIOs to go deeper into technical discussions and optimize strategy to achieve the desired technology advancement. Account managers leverage vCIO roles from our firm to help companies navigate the technology and assist as needed. 


Revolution Group provides comprehensive technology services to Columbus businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business that does not currently have an IT or CIO presence, or a large company that needs additional support, Revolution Group can help. We serve a variety of fields, such as finance, manufacturing, health care, and legal companies across Columbus. Our vCIO helps companies achieve their technology strategies and goals without having an entire internal IT department. 


To determine the extent of services needed by a company, Revolution Group employs a detailed onboarding process, the goal of which is to be able to take calls and support the client by the end of the first day. Directly following that, we document all infrastructure and determine immediate risks. Finally, after a period of stabilization, we begin strategic dialogue to form the optimal IT strategy. 


The cost benefit to hiring Revolution Group’s Virtual CIO is immediately felt. Revolution Group is able to provide your company with a seasoned IT staff to solve a variety of problems and fill a variety of rolls. Our personnel includes a professional help desk and break/fix services, engineers to fix complex infrastructure issues, complete project engineer team, account manager and a Virtual CIO. This comprehensive team listens to your goals and provides informed, scalable technology decisions to elevate your business, all for less than the cost of one full time employee.


Revolution Group can provide your Columbus company with a knowledgeable IT staff, each an expert in their discipline within information technology. Our professionals are constantly learning and growing with technology as it advances, implementing the latest trends and breakthroughs. 

If your company has been reacting instead of planning, focusing on day to day operation while forgoing strategic direction of business processes and technology, you will benefit from Revolution Group’s Virtual CIO.