The Case for Cloud

by | Mar 1, 2016 | ERP Services

Cloud-based ERP solutions are one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry, and in manufacturing, we see a notable shift from on premise ERP to cloud-based ERP. In a cloud solution, your software, data, and related infrastructure are hosted remotely and accessed via the Internet. Why is the case for cloud so strong? Because cloud ERP offers significant benefits over traditional ERP.

Lower Costs

Cloud computing can substantially reduce the capital expenses of implementing a new ERP solution. Because many cloud options are sold as a Software as a Service(SaaS) solution, up front expenses for hardware, user licenses, and implementation are all lower than traditional, on premise ERP. Services are paid on a subscription basis, and access is as easy as opening a web browser. This also allows you to focus your resources on your core competency – your business – not on IT. Cost saving on maintenance, configuration, upgrades, and IT staff continue through the life of the system, making cloud ERP a smart way to save money.

Rapid Implementation and Faster ROI

Because cloud-based solutions are usually accessed via a web browser, there isn’t extensive hardware to install in the factory or multiple software versions to load and understand. This makes implementing a cloud-based ERP system simpler, faster and easier than traditional ERP. Ease of implementation and rapid deployment potential also translate into faster time to market and quicker return on investment (ROI).

Scalability and Advanced Technology

The flexibility of cloud-based ERP makes the infrastructure capacity highly scalable. Cloud-based ERP can be configured on demand, and maintained and replicated rapidly. This leads to much better utilization of the computing infrastructure. Cloud ERP solutions are offered on a subscription basis that can be increased or decreased as needed. Best-in-class solutions are continuously improved upon and the latest version is readily available. This means that any time you login, you are accessing the most current version. Nothing goes out of date, like with traditional ERP, and there are not any physical upgrades that cost time and money.

Improved System Availability and Disaster Recovery

Today’s cloud-based ERP solutions are the safest bet for running your factory. SaaS providers ensure the highest quality measures are taken such as routine backups, fallback guidelines and recovery procedures. This is superior to an on site system that you must maintain, back-up, and secure yourself. The cloud offers superior security and availability, seamless scalability and no business interruptions caused by hardware/software upgrades or system expansions.

The case for cloud is a compelling one, offering huge benefits to those that are willing to evolve. Our highly-skilled team of ERP consultants at Revolution Group are ready to help you embrace cloud ERP and outline a plan for success. If you would like to find out why Revolution Group has been a trusted ERP consulting partner for more than 20 years, call us at 614-212-1111. We would love to change the way you think about ERP.

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