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Jennifer Kalister Jennifer was raised in Cleveland, OH and is married with 2 giant German Shepherd rescue dogs. She came to us with 6 years of Financial Controller experience, Inventory Control experience and hands-on ERP systems experience. In her free time Jennifer enjoys taking the dogs for long walks, tinkering with various art/music forms in her sunroom and working with the "Mind Blown Book Club" she started for readers who want to expand their mind on science and spirituality.

Data Accuracy with Plex

Everyone knows that success in business is the result of good decisions. Good decisions rely on business information and reporting, and good information is derived from good data. defines information as knowledge gained through study, communication, research, instruction, etc., all of which is derived from factual data. There’s no question in today’s world that…

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Simplify the Recall Process with Plex

We have all seen recent examples of recalls in the news. I just received a voicemail from Costco yesterday about a range of thousands of lot codes from Jif peanut butter being recalled for Salmonella contamination. Sadly, families across the country are struggling to find formula due to a nationwide shortage. Why is this happening?…

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Lack of “Tone at the Top” Will Kill Your ERP Project

As a Project Manager deploying systems for over seven years, I can confidently say that one of the top killers of ERP projects is lack of leadership. ERP projects cannot be treated simply as an “IT initiative” for which only a handful of select people are accountable. These projects should be considered a company-wide operation,…

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“Before and After” an ERP Implementation

A new ERP  solution  can be the inspiration for sustainable improvements and long term success. Many organizations are considering new ERP solutions to transform their inefficient business processes, improve operations, scale for growth, meet customer requirements and save or reallocate funds. Today, your organization may suffer from a lack of access to data. ERP solutions integrate back office processes with…

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Cloud ERP

Cloud-based ERP solutions are one of the fastest growing segments within the IT industry.  These new solutions come with a wealth of options, features and benefits.  What does Cloud ERP look like?  In this blog, we outline the key features in 8 areas that differentiate cloud ERP.   Network & Configuration Cloud-based ERP solutions are…

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Project Management Tips

Project management is the engine that keeps great projects moving along.  As an ERP consultant, I’ve worked with many project managers to successfully implement new ERP systems within their companies.  Here are my project management tips to help you succeed:   ORGANIZE A great project starts with a good plan.  Having full project details with…

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