Cloud Computing – Is it the Right Time to Make the Switch?

by | Jun 17, 2021 | IT Services

Cloud computing has evolved with increasing acceleration since the 1950s when mainframe computers first came into existence. From the mainframe to cluster computing to grid computing to virtualization and Web 2.0, fast forward to today and cloud computing is ubiquitous. Nearly every organization uses some form of cloud computing, whether it be Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

At its most simple, cloud computing is the use a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data, instead of using a local server or a personal computer.

As an example of this evolution, in the early 2000s, Microsoft transformed the on-premises Exchange environment to their hosted platform. They provide this service at an affordable rate while allowing companies to potentially eliminate that hardware from their infrastructure environment. A side benefit is that they no longer have a need for an IT resource that specializes in Exchange.

Similarly, today most business software applications and server services such as file/print services and domain services are finding their way to a cloud-centric model. It is now common to find a SaaS (cloud) version of your application, and more applications will continue to migrate this way. In fact, when businesses vet an application to meet their business needs, they often require it to be cloud-based. Server services are moving the same direction with the ability to move your file shares and domain services to the cloud. All of this to say, fewer businesses have servers at their location, which saves them infrastructure costs and allows them to get applications running more quickly.

There are many strategies for migrating to the cloud and for the most part, no two are exactly alike. To help our clients make informed decisions on their cloud migrations, Revolution Group account managers design a visual representation showing the services and applications the server(s) at the company currently perform and how those services and applications could move to a cloud model. This exercise is unique because we bring business expertise along with a blend of technical engineering to provide clear understanding for the technical nature of how the movement of the services would work in a cloud environment.

At Revolution Group, we measure several different components that constitute infrastructure maturity, some of which relate to the server and services they provide. Our engineers provide practical strategies to help a leadership team prepare “what to pack” when moving to the cloud. We also do a detailed analysis to determine the estimated costs, the potential reduction in costs, and what needs to be considered to provide a successful transition.

  • Do you have an aging in-house hardware that is near end of service life?
  • Do you experience downtime?
  • Have you delayed upgrades due to compatibility issues?
  • Are you looking for affordable, reliable and flexible software solutions?
  • Is your organization growing?
  • Do your employees work remotely?
  • Do you need a disaster recovery plan?

All of these are indicators that your organization should take a closer look at moving to the cloud.

Our goal is to help your company make the best business decisions to take advantage of the many benefits of the Cloud Computing. Migrating your essential services to a more robust and reliable cloud-based service will let you stop worrying about your infrastructure and focus your energy where it really matters – on your core business. The consultants at Revolution Group can help.

Questions or comments? If you have questions on streamlining your transition to a new MSP, or for more information about working with Revolution Group, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 614-212-1101 or [email protected].

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