Why Managed Services?

by | Mar 21, 2019 | IT Services

3 Reasons Why You Need Managed IT Services

Business owners are continuously faced with challenges to grow, to innovate, and to increase efficiency and productivity. Your internal IT team may be able to provide your company’s basic needs at first, but eventually your needs outweigh the time and abilities the IT team has available. Furthermore, business owners and C-level executive take on improvement initiatives that internal IT resources can’t manage in addition to their everyday responsibilities.

Through managed IT services, small and medium-sized businesses can receive proper IT support that frees up time to focus on long-term strategy, streamlines your technology strategy, and provides proactive and reactive support. Whether you’re worried about your cybersecurity, employee efficiency, or are disappointed in your existing technical customer support, Revolution Group’s managed IT services can help.

Free Up IT’s Time to Focus on Long-term Strategy

Often, internal IT teams spend a lot of time fixing day-to-day problems. Though these issues seem minor, they take a lot of time. By outsourcing your IT service/helpdesk, you employ a full team of IT experts, able to troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Thus, your internal IT team can focus on more big-picture items for the business, such as software integrations, scaling for growth, or implementing new systems.

Streamline Your Technology Strategy

Growing your internal IT team can be expensive, especially if you want to allocate budget and invest in different company areas. Through managed IT, you not only can outsource your service/help desk, but you can also outsource a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to coordinate your technology and strategy to streamline your systems. Our vCIOs are industry experts provided by Revolution Group who work with your company to understand your business and determine what technology is imperative to help you reach your goals. This partnership not only improves your systems but optimizes your bottom line.

Proactive & Reactive Support

With proactive support, your business can deal with and anticipate problems before they even start. Managed IT experts set up and monitor alerts in critical systems to ensure the health and security of your company’s technology. If there is a problem, they can act before the issue becomes disruptive, minimizing downtime. And if something catastrophic does happen, a knowledgeable, capable, and local team is there to react. Finally, a reactive support team is there to provide assistance 24/7 to keep your company productive and technology issues at a minimum.

At Revolution Group, we know that improperly managed technology systems can cost countless hours and preventable downtime. But, with the help of our account managers, your technology projects, helpdesk requests, and employee productivity are in good hands. Contact us to learn how your business can implement affordable managed IT services today.

Your internal IT resource serves the basic needs at first, but eventually the business IT needs outpace the personal time and abilities the internal resource has available.

Business owners are continuously faced with challenges to grow, to innovate, and to increase efficiency and productivity. While many business improvement initiatives require the time and energy of the owners and/or C-level executives, IT Support doesn’t have to be one of them.

From In-House to Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Small and medium business owners often wrestle with the decision to either hire an internal IT resource or work with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Believe it or not, the latter will not only help grow your business but will also save money over time.

At the beginning of your business journey, IT may feel like nothing more than a necessary evil. Many business owners simply use their personal laptops with an internet connection. From there, they progress to setting up email with a purchased domain name leveraging the company name. An employee or a family member who has a knack for technology often spearheads these basic technology initiatives.

That internal IT resource serves the basic needs at first, but eventually the business IT needs outpace the personal time and abilities the internal resource has available. Paying the salary and benefits for an IT professional on staff will provide you with a certain level of technical expertise to support the business. And while this is a great resource for fixing and reacting to fairly localized issues, it’s not uncommon for organizations to outgrow an internal IT professional.

Then, the business owner is faced with the decision to hire a more experienced internal resource or partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP). For most growing businesses hiring an external MSP makes more sense, both financially and from an “IT maturity” perspective.

How to Ensure MSP Success

One key to a successful Managed Service Provider integration is to align the MSP point of contact (your IT Account Manager) with an internal resource who has a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of the business. Your internal resource would be responsible for communicating your organization’s issues, concerns and overall strategic direction surrounding technology. Your IT Account Manager will meet with your internal resource frequently to better understand those issues and concerns and provide strategic direction to help navigate the ever-changing climate that is “technology.”

A good managed service provider should have a seasoned team including:

  • Seasoned Help Desk Consultants with access to technical resources and training
  • On-Call Level 2 Engineers for more complex issues
  • Available Project Team to implement technology advancement projects
  • Dedicated IT Account Manager to help guide you along the IT maturity plan and better understand your business

Technology is one of the fastest changing components to your business. To maintain a competitive edge, it is important to find a service provider you can partner with who will take the time to understand your business, will meet with you frequently to ensure the alignment is maintained, care for the technology needs of your business, and help you navigate and mature the technology within your organization.

Contact Revolution Group today if you have any questions or think your organization might be ready for an MSP.

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