What is ERP?

by | Aug 1, 2016 | ERP Services

With modern technology exploding in popularity, you may have heard the term ERP used to describe a software or enterprise solution, but what is ERP and how will it benefit your business?

What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a methodology for effectively running a business and is comprised of multiple essential processes within a company. Today, ERP is commonly associated with software programs, but Enterprise Resource Planning is broader than software and actually pre-dates today’s modern ERP systems. At their core, ERP practices are about managing a company’s human and capital resources. Strong ERP processes allow companies to better manage their businesses, coordinate resources efficiently, and achieve greater productivity. There are Enterprise Resource Planning methodologies for almost every kind of business, from lawn care to car manufacturing.

In today’s electronic world, ERP is often managed using a software solution. There are many ERP software platforms available, but they all have one thing in common. Their goal is to consolidate information from separate functional areas of the business into a complete, integrated system. They do this through a shared database and platform application that supports multiple functions used by different areas of the business. Users simply log into the system and view the information they need.

How Does ERP Benefit Your Business?

Enterprise Resource Planning helps to eliminate redundant processes by synchronizing and automating information and reporting. This can improve workflow because it gives multiple departments seamless access to the same information. Because information is captured and stored automatically, data quality in a modern ERP solution is superior to manual record-keeping. Best-in-class software solutions offer the ability to collect real-time information, enabling employees to make more informed decisions quickly and easily. Supply chain management and regulatory compliance are easier as well. As a result, better business decisions are made which can boost a company’s bottom line and improve customer relationships.

Revolution Group has over 20 years of experience helping manufacturers select and implement the most effective ERP solutions for their businesses. If you would like to find out why Revolution Group is a trusted ERP partner, call us at (614) 212-1111. We would love to change the way you think about ERP.

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