Manufacturing Intelligence

by | Aug 30, 2016 | ERP Services

Manufacturers today are seeking technology solutions that optimize complex processes, reduce costs and give them more control. Intelligent analytics or ‘manufacturing intelligence’ offers the key to solving many of these problems. Pulling meaningful analytics from your ERP system can give your company the ability to make smarter decisions and propel your business forward.

Manufacturing is one of the most complicated and complex industries in the world. Effectively managing operations, supply chain and production presents unique challenges. The complexity of supplier and customer networks, quality control, cost control and adoption of new technologies can strain even the most advanced facilities.

To maximize profits, companies need ERP solutions that provide insight into their enterprise activities. At its core, an ERP system manages large volumes of data from many sources, including, but not limited to, suppliers, production and inventory. Many of today’s ERP solutions offer built-in analytics capabilities that give manufacturers the ability to access that data, gaining insights that help improve business performance.

Intelligent analytics allow in-depth cost analysis across multiple sources so companies can track costs of materials, manufacturing and production through multiple layers of information. More informed business decisions are made that reduce waste and increase efficiencies, leading to increased profits. Companies can also reduce overhead cost by analyzing and monitoring operational efficiency and identifying areas where they can streamline processes and procedures.

Through business intelligence, manufacturing companies are able to set performance goals and create sophisticated financial models using information from across their organizations. Business intelligence also allows companies to develop budgets that incorporate production, operations, sales, fulfillment, and finance figures for optimal forecasting and planning.

The benefits of business intelligence rooted in a robust ERP system are far-reaching. Many companies realize huge savings and increases in profit when they leverage the potential of intelligent analytics. Revolution Group has been helping manufactures gain insight into their operations for more than 20 years. If you would like to learn how business intelligence can help you reach your goals, give us a call at 614-212-1111. We would love to change the way you think about ERP.

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