A Long and Winding Road

by | Nov 2, 2011 | News

How It All Began

16 years ago, Polly Clavijo and I started a long and winding road with the creation of Revolution Group and the goal of building a business where we could help other businesses take advantage of all the benefits that information technology can bring. To do something we really loved, and have fun doing it.

We started as an IBM focused company; selling and supporting the multi-user AS/400 systems – big centralized systems with dumb-terminals spread out around the company. We knew then that the PC network was going to overtake everything and we moved quickly to bring those systems to our customers.

First email… then websites… then business intelligence and more and more powerful desktops and fantastic software to solve all kinds of business issues.

Along the way, we found lots of great people to join our staff and bring the same love of what they do and varied skills and talents to the team. With them, we have built many enduring relationships with lots of customers all around Ohio, the country and even around the world.

Today, our staff has grown to about 25 people who truly enjoy helping our customers use their technology to its fullest.

Now Cloud Computing (Salesforce, Plex) is the rage and has become part of common business technologies. But really, it’s ‘back to the future -processing power at a central location and a ‘dumb terminal’ (browser) spread out around the company.

The reality is, as technologies come and go, companies need someone they can trust to help navigate the changing models. We are glad to be here to help keep you on the right path – guiding you and your company to the top of the mountain – and having fun!

Rick Snide
President, Revolution Group

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