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Salesforce Tips & Tricks 43: Customize Related Lists

In this tips and tricks, I'm going to show you how each user can customize his or her related lists so that the most valuable related list is at the top. In this example, if I'm a sales person, my most important related list on this account object is the opportunities. It's also at the very bottom, so we're going to go ahead and add it to the top so that it's the first thing that I see. To do so, click on your picture in the top right, hit settings, scroll down to layout and customize my pages. I'll then go to account and hit customize. I'll take opportunities and I'll move it to the very top and hit save. Now when I refresh my accounts page, we now see that the opportunities are at the very top. Each user can customize a page for just themselves and you can do it for every object in Salesforce, not just accounts.