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Salesforce Tips & Tricks 46: Themes and Branding

In this episode of Tips and Tricks, I'm going to show you how to use themes and branding to customize Salesforce's look and feel for your own organization. To do so, we're going to hit the gear in the top right corner and hit set up. From here, we'll simply type in themes into the quick find search and click on themes and branding. From here, Salesforce has some out of the box themes that you can search from. You can hit the drop down arrow and hit preview, to see if that's something you'd like to see for your organization. Here is the example, but we can also go ahead and hit new theme. This is completely customizable for your business, and it will also give you some recommended color pallets based on your suggestions. I'll type in test, themes. You can choose your branding image and color. You can choose your page background. And your global header background. We'll go ahead and choose green. In a second, you will see what each color represents. I can hit save here. As I activate this, you'll see that my brand color has been highlighted here. My page background is the red in the background of each page, on every object in Salesforce. My global header background is this green at the top. If I'm in the user interface of console or standard Salesforce app I can see that every page I go to has this branding.