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Technology Tips & Tricks 28: Creating Forms in SharePoint Online

In today’s Tips and Tricks, I’m going to be talking about how to create forms in SharePoint online. This can be done in different ways. You can create a custom list or import a list from an existing spreadsheet. To go over the first one, you’ll want to log in to your SharePoint tenant. Once you’re here you’ll want to add an app by clicking the sprocket in the top right. From here you can select custom list, add a name to your list and click create. Once its created it takes you to the content of the SharePoint library. You can go ahead into the new list you created. From here you can start adding and editing columns to make the list however you want it. For example, I want to create a list of customer contacts I’ll leave the title column, wanted to add whether they were a prospect. From here, I can change the title of columns by going under list settings. Clicking on the title of the column and adjusting as necessary. Click ok once completed. From within this, list settings view, you can modify quite a few things, you can add permissions on your list, workflows, you can add existing site columns, in case you wanted to modify a lot of columns in this area.

The second way to create a list is to click the gear again, go to add an app and in this example, I’m going to create a list from an existing excel spreadsheet. I’ll start typing spreadsheet, search, import spreadsheet. From here you’ll create a name. In this example, it’s going to be an inventory list. Browse on your computer for an excel file you want to upload. Click import. This will now prompt you to see what items you want to import. For my example, I want to import the entire inventory list. Click import. Now we have an entire list view in SharePoint made from an excel spreadsheet that was already created.