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Best of Breed Technology: Integrating with Plex Smart Manufacturing Cloud

The Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform offers wide and deep functionality, built specifically for manufacturing organizations. This includes the following functionality centered around planning, executing & capturing the manufacturing moment and extending into classic ERP functionality.

Despite Plex's breadth and depth, there are often good reasons manufacturers pursue a best of breed technology strategy with Plex at the center of their application footprint. Gartner defines best of breed as:

"Enterprises often purchase software from different vendors to obtain the best-of-breed offering for each application area. For example, enterprises may purchase a human-resource package from one vendor and an accounting package from another. Although enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors offer numerous enterprise applications and claim that their integrated system is a superior solution, all modules in an ERP system are rarely best-of-breed."

Best of breed application technology success benefits from a solid integration technology strategy. In this brief presentation, we'll walk through details of integration strategies between Plex and two best of breed technologies - Salesforce and Configure One.

Salesforce is considered a best of breed technology solution to capture customer engagement. Customer engagement extends beyond pipeline management including functions like marketing automation, service case management, and field service management.

Configure One bring best of breed technology enabling manufacturers to configure, price and quote orders quickly and efficiently, without requiring constrained engineering resources.

If you have questions regarding your current integration strategy, or about how the Plex Smart Manufacturing Platform could benefit your business don't hesitate to reach out to our team at [email protected] or by phone at 614-212-1111 to learn more.