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Improved Document Email Delivery in Plex UX

Daily and monthly delivery of customer invoices, credit memos, and statements is a time consuming process for all companies regardless of company size.  Email document delivery functionality has been available in Plex for years; however, with the transition to the Plex UX environment, users now have an expanded scheduled document delivery system which will allow the following additional features:

  • Schedule which documents are sent and on which days—you may have one schedule for statements and different schedules for invoices and credit memos
  • Assign different schedules per document type and per customer or customer groupings
  • Determine whether the documents are sent in separate customer emails or if they are batched into one email with mulitple attachments
  • Assign multiple recipients for the same document type
  • Assign delivery by customer address or use ALL ADDRESSES for that customer

The module does not involve a huge amount of setup time and there is an upload process for uploading email contacts and activating the customer addresses in the module.  Once the customer contacts have been assigned to active addresses and sending rules have been assigned to the documents, the process runs nightly at 9pm EST for any invoices, credit memos, or statements that are in NOT PRINTED status and that have not been paid or applied.  Invoices that have been paid and credit memos that have been applied will not send according to the schedule even if NOT PRINTED and will need to be sent manually.

Once Plex sends the scheduled emails, the document status is automatically changed to PRINTED and copies of the attachments are stored on the document.

If your team prefers to review invoices and credit memos before they are automatically sent and you cannot review all of them before 9pm each evening, simply have the system place all invoices/credit memos in UNDER REVIEW status when they are created.  Once the documents are reviewed, you can update the status back to NOT PRINTED so the documents will send according to the next scheduled delivery that evening.  You can also easily mass update the status on any documents for customers not utilizing the scheduled document delivery system.

If you would like to learn more about the scheduled document delivery functionality in UX or to have Revolution Group partner with you in your Plex UX Transition, call us at 614-963-3834 or reach us at [email protected]m.  We would be happy to assist you!