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How to Securely Share Files in Microsoft SharePoint

With Microsoft Sharepoint, you can share documents with individuals inside and outside of your organization. With security features like allowing only certain individuals to edit, blocking the download capability and setting an expiration date for sharing access Sharepoint has your back.

How to Share Files/Folders

Begin by selecting a file or folder and clicking on one of the two sharing icons:

On the following window, select the “people you specify can edit” box. Select the appropriate option, and use “Specific people” for sharing with external users.

Under “Other settings,” choose the following:

  • Only select “Allow editing” if the recipient needs to edit the file/folder. Remember, always assign the lowest possible level of access!
  • If allowed by your organization, you should also select “Block download” for non-editing users, to prevent files from being shared beyond your control.

Some organizations allow setting expiration dates, passwords, and blocking downloads. If possible, use all 3:

  • The expiration date will prevent user error in revoking access after sharing.
  • Passwords provide an extra layer of security (but only if shared separately from the link).
  • Blocking downloads ensures that the file is only shared with the users you’ve set.

Next, use the ‘Send’ or ‘Copy Link’ options below to send your link. ‘Send’ will generate an email directly from Microsoft to your recipient with their link to the file/folder, while copying the link allows you to share it any way you prefer.

How to Revoke/Modify Access

Once a user no longer needs access to a file/folder, you can revoke it be clicking the three dots shown below and selecting “Manage access.”

From the following window, select the three dots shown below, then select the ‘X’ icon. This will remove access for a single user.

If the link itself is no longer needed, access should be revoked to prevent unauthorized use. To do so, select the three dots next to the link, then select the ‘X’ icon next to the link.

Access level for the link can also be modified from this page, using the dropdown menu below:

If you have any questions about Sharepoint or your organizations existing technology solutions, we're happy to help at 614-212-1111 or [email protected] or download our free how-to (below) for a detailed step by step for sharing secure files within Sharepoint.

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