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How to Securely Invite Guests to Teams

Collaboration software like Microsoft Teams has grown into every business' most essential tool. The convenience of one-on-one chat and safety of video meetings has made the transition to remote work an achievable feat. Did you know you can invite guests from outside your organization to join a Teams conversation?

How to Invite a Guest

  1. To invite a guest to your team’s chat, select the three dots next to your team’s name and select “Add member” from the dropdown menu.
  2. Input their email address in the following window and Microsoft will send the invitation to join. Before adding the user, make sure to select the ‘edit’ icon below and create their display name.
  3. The user will receive their email invitation to create a guest account and join your team.

How to Configure Guest Settings

  1. To change your guest settings, select the three dots next to your team name and select “Manage team.”
  2. Under the “Settings” tab, open “Guest permissions.” For security purposes, all three options should be turned off, to limit the potential access of an unauthorized user.

Microsoft configures most access settings for guest users automatically. Those settings can be viewed here:

How to Remove Guest Access

  1. To remove a guest user from your team, click on the three dots next to the team name and select “Manage team.”
  2. Under the “Members” tab, find your guest user and select the ‘X’ icon next to their name. This will revoke their access to your team.

However, when an external user signs up for their guest Teams account, it creates a new account in the Azure Active Directory. To fully remove their access to your organization’s Azure domain, an administrator will need to delete their account or disable sign-in.

If you are not an administrator, contact one immediately to have this done.

If you have any questions about Microsoft Teams as a collaboration tool, or more specifically about the features highlighted above, we're happy to help at 614-212-1111 or [email protected] or download our free how-to (below) for a detailed step by step for adding and removing guests.

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