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Salesforce Tips & Tricks 44: Create and Utilize List Views for Tasks

In this tips and tricks, I'm going to show you how to create and utilize list views for tasks which is a new release in the summer '18. Here, I have a task list view and just like any list view, I can create a new one by clicking on the gear and "new." In this example, if I have a lot of tasks for a specific company or account that I want to track, I can type that in here "ABC company." And I only want this to be visible to myself, so I will go ahead and hit save, now it will default to my tasks which in this case that's what I want. I'll hit another filter, and I'll go down to related to and I'll type in "ABC company." And I'll hit done and save. Now this filtered down to the task list view that I'm looking for. The good thing about this, is that in the console, is if I'm on another record and I'm working, I can pull this over from the side and I can work on my task list.