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Technology Tips & Tricks 24: Create a Sharepoint Webpage

In this tips and tricks, our very own Firas Alnemer is going to show us how to set up a Sharepoint online, modern, webpage.

What you need to do is open up a web browser and go to your Sharepoint online website. From there, will log you in. And, if you click the sprocket, it will have a drop down menu and you can select "add a page". Click that option and from here, you can start editing. This is going to give us a title of the page. You can modify the background image. Click add image. Here you can set your focal point, then you can add additional items by clicking the plus. The drop down menu shows up, I'm going to be adding a shortcut to our document library. I'll select the document library that is within our Sharepoint tenant. And now we have a web part for our document library. I'm also going to be adding a heros section which is going to give us links to other websites. I'm going to edit this part to only show three tiles. And from here I'll start editing my tiles. I'll click select link in my first area. And I want to add a link to our website. Next, I want to edit this tile and adjust the image associated with it by clicking the pencil icon and going to image and custom image. It allows me to change the image that is associated. Select image and click add image. For my second link, I want to add a link to our ticketing system. Again from here I want to select a custom image. Click add image. I'm going to add another link to an internal webpage within this document library. I want to add custom image. Select add image on this. On each section you can add a title to show up. Add a title to each of these heros tiles. I'm going to modify the webpage link. Next we're going to modify our support section. Then our internal link. After you're done with this, you can click publish. This will finalize the website and give you an address to share with the company, if you'd like. Copy the address. Close that out. This site is now accessible from your Sharepoint page. For more information, please call Revolution Group at 614-212-1101 or go to Thank you!