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Adjusting Audio Settings in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is gaining popularity as organizations make the switch to a permanent (or temporary) remote workforce. With increased usage come questions about setting options. With 3 different opportunities to edit your audio settings for your next Teams call, know your options beforehand:

Edit Default Settings from Drop Down

At any point while logged into Teams, you can edit your audio settings by navigating to the drop down menu under your profile picture. Here you can edit your default settings, including audio device, speaker and microphone settings. Here you also have the ability to make a test call to confirm the settings are right for you.

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Revolution Group

Before Joining a Meeting

While joining your next Teams call, the "Join Now" screen allows you to toggle on/off your video, background or microphone. You'll also have the ability to view and edit your audio settings before you dial into the call.

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During a Meeting

Forget to edit your audio settings ahead of time? No worries! At any point during your next meeting, you can navigate to "Show Device Settings" under the overflow menu (3 dots) where you can find and edit the same audio settings as outlined above.

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