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A Revolution Group Success Story: ScriptDrop

About ScriptDrop 

ScriptDrop is a healthcare IT company that helps improve patients’ access to medication across the United States. Working as an intermediary between pharmacists and patients, ScriptDrop ensures that patients get the right medication delivered when they need it. By focusing on accessibility and ease of use through same-day and on-demand delivery options, pharmacists are more readily able to handle a variety of prescription delivery requests while staying in workflow. ScriptDrop’s software is seamlessly integrated into a pharmacy’s core management system, allowing patient and prescription information to be easily and securely accessed. 

ScriptDrop has quickly grown from a tiny start-up to a burgeoning healthcare IT company. However, with growth comes technological growing pains. As ScriptDrop expanded, it needed a better way to handle the ever-increasing amount of information being submitted through their network.

ScriptDrop wanted a Customer Relationship Management tool that could be easily assimilated into their existing system and could scale. This led them to approach Revolution Group. The Revolution Group Salesforce Service Cloud team worked closely with ScriptDrop to establish an approachable CRM system that would track user interactions, and could be customized internally to grow with the company.  

The Challenge 

As ScriptDrop grew from a small start-up with fewer than 20 members to a breakout company with just under 100 employees, they found their system for documenting interactions between different departments and resources was lacking. They needed a better way to track incoming communications from customers and partners.   

“Our business was growing and, given that the Customer Success Team handles a great variety of support for the organization, we knew we needed a tool to support the documentation of the interactions to help us understand what was driving our customers, couriers, and patients to reach out to us.

We had gone from a department of eleven folks who all sat near each other to 35 almost overnight. We expanded, and soon we really didn’t know what was driving our interactions, the pain points customers were sharing with us, and what issues were brewing that we needed to solve. Plus, we had a very high level of redundant work being done across team members and departments which was [challenging].”

- Laurie Boogaard, COO at ScriptDrop

ScriptDrop needed a better way to track and organize customer interaction records, courier issues, and patient history, all while improving communication company wide. They had outgrown their previous system of Excel and Google docs, so they began searching for a CRM solution that could be integrated into their existing system seamlessly. There were several criteria that ScriptDrop needed to meet to address the issues they had been experiencing: 

  • ScriptDrop’s new system needed to be easy to learn so team members could start using it quickly and effectively. 
  • ScriptDrop needed to be able to internally maintain and update the system to handle any future situations as the company continued to grow. 
  • The system needed to provide company-wide reporting that provided up-to-date information highlighting pain points and areas of improvement, and offer deeper insights into overall data trends.
  • As a healthcare IT company, the system needed to be secure.  

Getting Started 

Once the requirements were outlined, ScriptDrop began searching for a solution. After looking into a variety of CRM providers such as Zendesk and NetSuite, the company finally decided that Service Cloud from Salesforce was a good fit.  

“Our Sales team was already using Salesforce in the traditional sense and we knew this was a good way to link the entire customer history with us… I had used Service Cloud in the past and knew it would help me answer the questions I commonly heard.”

- Laurie Boogaard, COO at ScriptDrop

However, choosing a CRM system was only the beginning. It needed to be tailored to suit the company’s specific needs. ScriptDrop approached Revolution Group, a Salesforce CRM consulting, implementation and integration company to help customize its CRM to address its troubles with documentation, organization and communication.  

“We chose [Revolution Group] due to their experience with Service Cloud, customer testimonials, ability to be onsite, and communication style… We needed experts to help us build a  strong Service Cloud foundation. Not only experts to help guide us, but to help us meet our tight timelines as well.”

- Laurie Boogaard, COO at ScriptDrop

Revolution Group’s Salesforce Service Cloud specialists worked closely with ScriptDrop’s team to determine their pain points, and to establish a scalable solution for the future.  

The Right Match, With Outstanding Results 

The first step to ensure  ScriptDrop had a reliable CRM system that could handle their requirements was for Revolution Group to meet the team and learn more about the company’s services. Revolution Group’s Salesforce specialists reviewed ScriptDrop’s network, workflow, offerings and challenges  to be  certain that they understood the company and could implement  a CRM solution that would be effective for years to come.  

“[Revolution Group] helped us explore  other options and understand the pros and cons of each . Again, knowing we deal in the world of tech we were likely a bit more understanding of when we needed to think differently and brainstorm other options to achieve the expected outcome… [They] helped us stand up Service Cloud and then trained us to take it from there.”

- Laurie Boogaard, COO at ScriptDrop

Revolution Group’s Salesforce experts worked closely with ScriptDrop’s cross-functional team to establish a strong foundation upon which they could build a reliable, scalable CRM system. They developed several options, and helped ScriptDrop decide that the most effective solution for their organization  was Service Cloud from Salesforce. Once Service Cloud was implemented, the benefits were felt almost immediately.  

 “We can now quickly see the reasons people are reaching out to us. What’s in our control, where we can fix it and where we need to adjust our processes has been very helpful.

It’s given us stronger insight into team member performance – what’s going really well and where improvement needs to happen. It’s strengthened our inter-department communication through Chatter and Cases which has been invaluable while we are 100% remote.

We now have the ability to measure everything – team member, team, department, customer, courier company, driver, pharmacy customer, top reasons, etc. We have a unified place for all process documentation with effective change controls. There is stronger communication for everyone along with documentation and timing of all action items.”

- Laurie Boogaard, COO at ScriptDrop

Revolution Group helped ScriptDrop establish Service Cloud as their primary CRM system, and then trained their Customer Success leadership team on how to customize it for the future. By implementing Service Cloud, the time and energy spent tracking down customer information, duplicating work, and communication between departments was reduced significantly. Quarterly business reviews improved, and Account Manager Dashboards allowed visibility into activity from accounts. Changes over quarter were now easily available, and demonstrated that ScriptDrop was improving, while also providing valuable insight on developing pain points. These changes allowed ScriptDrop to focus on providing the best service possible to their customers and partners.  

About ScriptDrop

ScriptDrop is the only healthcare IT company specializing in prescription access that serves patients in all 50 states. Since 2016, ScriptDrop has worked alongside their healthcare partners to deliver medication access opportunities to patients from coast to coast through technology, empathy, and healthcare expertise.  

Through a robust platform, long-term data storage, multiple service levels, and first-class customer service, ScriptDrop is driving down rates of hospital readmission and improving drug adherence. ScriptDrop has helped pharmacies reduce return to stock rates by 88% and has helped health systems increase their same-day delivery volume by 73% after just two months of partnership. 

For more information, go to or follow ScriptDrop on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

About Revolution Group

Revolution Group is an award-winning technology consulting company based in Columbus, Ohio. Since 1995, they have helped customers bring all their businesses processes together with the most innovative and strategic technology solutions available. Offering Salesforce implementation and optimization, managed IT services, cyber security consulting, and ERP solutions, Revolution Group is uniquely positioned to help organizations revolutionize the way they do business.

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