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2017 TSD Webinar Series: What You Should Be Asking Your IT Provider

This year, our IT experts discuss some of the most pressing topics in IT today. Our 2017 TSD webinar series will hopefully help you prompt proactive conversations with your IT provider and know what level of service you should be expecting.  Topics from this series will range from cost savings, security, cloud services, strategy and many more.


Disaster Recovery Title SlideDisaster Recovery

Join Chris Bates, Systems Engineer at Revolution Group, as he helps you understand how a disaster can impact your business and how to identify your disaster "readiness IQ". Chris will walk through the 5 step process to enhance your business continuity. You will leave this webinar prepared and ready when IT disaster strikes.

Recorded: January 18, 2017


First Slide - StandardWays to Control Your IT Costs in 2017

According to recent research collected by Spiceworks, companies employing between 50-999 people will spend between $117,000 and $615,000 on IT hardware, software and services in 2017. Gary Dyer, Director of Revolution Group's Technology Services Division, shows us the best ways to cut costs in 2017 as well as make the most out of your IT budget. Discussing both immediate and long-term changes that can help control costs, this webinar has something for everyone.

Recorded: February 28, 2017


First Slide - StandardBuilding a Technology Strategy for Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Gary Dyer, Director of Revolution Group's Technology Services Division, helps us build a technology strategy that fits a company's specific business needs.  This webinar will help you take the next steps to STOP implementing strategies and processes that just aren't working for your business.

Recorded: March 22, 2017


Revolution GroupAdvanced Ways to Keep Your Data Safe Part 1: Two-Factor Authentication & Encryption

Join Ryan Mavis for Part 1 of our newest webinar series: Advanced Ways to Protect Your Data.  Part 1 will dive into two protection methods that companies are using to help secure their data - encryption and two-factor authentication and help you understand how immediate of a need you have for additional layers of security and where you may be at risk. Don't fall victim to hacking - let us help you protect your company's information and reputation.

Recorded: April 26, 2017 


Revolution GroupAdvanced Ways to Keep Your Data Safe Part 2: Sensitive Information Storage

Join Ryan Mavis for Part 2 of our newest webinar series: Advanced Ways to Protect Your Data showing us how to store sensitive information about our employees, customers, partners and vendors to help protect their confidential information.  We will discuss best practices for storing sensitive company information including policies and procedures that should be put in place, auditing shared location folders and communicating confidential information to outside sources, among others.

Recorded: May 17, 2017


How Cloud Services Can Help Your Business

Join Vince McCullum, Revolution Group's Technical Support Team Lead while he explains the difference between cloud and on-site solutions, why you should consider cloud services and how to pick the right cloud services provider for your business needs. Do you know when you should migrate to the cloud? Is your company ready? What do you still need if you make the move? This webinar will provide you with many reasons cloud services can benefit your business.

June 28, 2017 - Click Here to Register