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Top 4 Most Underutilized Salesforce Features

As Salesforce consultants for over 10 years, Revolution Group has had the pleasure of working with many clients, helping them integrate and optimize Salesforce CRM solutions to fit their business needs.  During this time, we have noticed an increase in the number of customers who are underutilizing beneficial Salesforce features because of lack of understanding or awareness.  Based on what we’ve seen, below are the top 4 most underutilized Salesforce features.


  1. Email Integration

Integrating your email with Salesforce bridges the gap between routine email communication and your leads, accounts, contacts and cases within your CRM system.  Integrating the two systems will ensure that all communications can be properly tracked without manually moving them from one platform to the other. This saves time, effort, and decreases the risk of human error. As an added bonus to this integration, once your email is linked to Salesforce, you can sync up to 5,000 contacts from your email to Salesforce and back, eliminating the need to enter customer contact information twice.


  1. Gathering and Categorizing User Feedback

Salesforce AppExchange provides Salesforce customers with multiple user feedback collection options such as customer surveys and social monitoring tools. Surveys and social monitoring tools are becoming an integral part of Market Research programs.  Whether it’s a positive, negative or neutral review of your products and services, the insight can help equip your sales and service teams with prepared responses when and if they receive negative feedback. Taking it one step further, if the feedback is negative, it allows you to reach back out to that customer and attempt to correct the problem.


  1. Tags

Tagging your records in Salesforce is a simple way to find and track records with similarities. You can tag records based on how you acquired that record, demographics, which campaigns they are a part of, or any grouping topic that will help you easily sort and find the records you are looking for.  Salesforce makes it easy for users to manage, remove, add, and find tags in the system so temporarily tagging a record can be updated as quickly and easily as necessary.


  1. Branded Email Templates

Take your branding strategy to the next level by customizing your email templates in Salesforce. It’s so simple, anyone can do it. Salesforce branded email templates make it simple to communicate with your customers or prospects while having a consistent look and feel.  Your email communications will look professional, maintain your brand standards and build your brand awareness.


Want to learn about another one of Revolution Group’s favorite Salesforce features? See our blog, “Is Salesforce Knowledge Right for You?” If you would like to hear about the other underutilized Salesforce features or if you need help using Salesforce to its full extent, call our Salesforce consultants at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.