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Let’s Chat about the Live Agent Chat Feature in Service Cloud

Customers expect to be able to reach you in whatever way is most convenient for them. Phone, email, chat, text, social media – whichever their preferred method of communication, they count on you to offer that as an option. Companies that don’t extend customer service through all channels are at risk of losing clients to their competitors who will.

We value the Live Agent feature of Salesforce because it allows customers and prospects to be connected to a real human instead of an automated response. Live Agent Chat is a convenient and productive way to provide a personalized experience through real time interaction. In implementing this tool, you set yourself apart from your competition with better and faster service. 


  • Branding – Salesforce allows for custom image uploads so that you can create buttons and clickable banners for people to be able to chat with you. These options help you extend your brand to the chat experience for a more personalized customer interaction.  
  • Ask for Assistance – Sometimes, an agent is supporting a customer in a chat, but needs help from a supervisor.  With Salesforce Live Agent Chat, the agent can click the ‘flag’ icon from their console and a supervisor is immediately notified. This feature ensures faster service to clients.  
  • Sneak Peak – During a chat session, there are times when an agent will be waiting quite some time for a response from a customer. In most cases, it is due to the customer trying to find the right words to ask the question. They may edit their response several times before hitting ‘send.’ Salesforce has the ‘Sneak Peak’ feature which allows the agent to see what the customer has been typing in the chat window before they hit send.  This gives the agent a head start on looking up the answer and allows them to deliver faster service to their client. 
  • Skills – Have you ever called a customer support line and found that the representative that you reached doesn’t know the answer because it’s not their area?  The ‘Skills’ feature allows you to set up different areas of expertise and assign specific users to those skills. From there, you can create and place buttons on different sections of your website that relate to those specific skills. That way, when someone is on a page about your brand new service or product and decides to chat with your company, they get routed directly to an agent who is sure to have the knowledge to help.   
  • Chat Transfer / Chat Conferencing – Sometimes, an agent is on a session, but realizes the customer needs someone better suited to their specific request. When this situation arises, the representative can easily transfer the client directly to the next available agent with that skill. Another benefit to this feature is that the assigned agent gets a copy of the previous transcript of the conversation for context, so the customer doesn’t have to start over with their request.  
  • Quick Text – Your agents may have key phrases they use repeatedly, such as “Please wait while I look up your account” or “Can you tell me which product this is about?” For the agent to type these messages out, takes time. With the ‘Quick Text’ feature, agents can save time by accessing a list of predefined messages and automatically inserting them into the Live Chat. 
  • File Transfer – There is a chance a customer will want to send a file to an agent to help with their request. The ‘file transfer’ feature allows agents to request that the client upload that file which will attach directly to the case they are building. 
  • Simultaneous Chats – Unlike a phone call, your agents are not limited to helping one customer at a time.  With Salesforce Live Chat, agents can efficiently support several people at once while they wait on customer responses. The Service Console tracks those separate chats and keeps agents aware of which customer they are interacting with at all times. 


Salesforce’s Live Chat includes customizable features to help you deliver more efficient and effective service to your clients.  Revolution Group’s team of Salesforce Consultants have years of experience helping clients customize Salesforce to meet their unique business needs. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at 614-212-1111 or [email protected].