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Salesforce Winter '16 Release Gives Us Chills

Salesforce is a global, cloud based CRM system that has provided countless customers with a user-friendly, yet extremely innovative, solution since being created 16 years ago.  Jessika Botruff, Salesforce Administrator for Revolution Group, is going to highlight her top 5 favorite features of Salesforce Winter ’16 release!

1. Process Builder Multiple Schedules

The Process Builder just got a big improvement – the ability to create multiple schedules of time based actions! With multiple schedules in the Process Builder, it will be easier to support all your business needs within a single process. For example, when an Opportunity is Closed Won, your process can now execute multiple groups of scheduled actions, such as:

[if !supportLists]o   [endif]

Process Builder

(1) Ability to create an immediate action.

(2) Create one time-based action – you can now have multiple actions per scheduled time.

(3) Choosing when you want the next time-based action to fire with its own set of scheduled actions.


2. Improved Picklist Value Replacement Process

With this newest release, when you need to modify or update a picklist value, you are provided updated text and links to tell you how to check the job status and what to expect next in the process.  As the user who initiated the update, you will also receive an email notification letting you know when the job has completed.  This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.


3. Duplicate Management Warnings Available on Salesforce1

If Duplicate Management is enabled in your organization, users who are creating records with Salesforce1 will now be notified of potential duplicates as they complete the fields!  This setting was available in Spring ’15; however, it required you to enable it.  In Salesforce Winter ’16 Release, this setting is defaulted to ‘enabled’.


4. Chatter

  • Chatter posts support rich text

Chatter posts can now be formatted with bold, italic, and underlined characters in addition to new bulleted or numbered lists.  This helps to drive engagement and readability of text posts in Chatter.  No more messy posts!

  • Automatically remove signatures from email reply comments

Being able to reply to a chatter post via email helps drive adoption and usability of chatter which is great.  However, seeing email signatures in chatter posts creates a mess in the chatter feed. With the Salesforce Winter ’16 Release, when users reply to the chatter email, they have the option to remove their email signature by adding a line separator after their comment and before their signature.

The line separator must have a minimum of one of the following characters:

  • Dash (-)
  • Equal Sign (=)
  • Underscore (_)

(Users can also use a combination of these line separators, if necessary.  For example, -=__=-)




5. More Roll-up Summary Fields

With the Salesforce Winter ’16 release, you can now create up to 25….YES 25….ROLL-UP SUMMARY FIELDS PER OBJECT!!!  Celebrating a super win for admins everywhere!

If you would like more information on how the Salesforce Winter releases can improve the way Salesforce works for you, call us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.  Visit our blog, “What’s New with Salesforce Winter ’17 Release” to see our favorite Winter ’17 release features.