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3 Salesforce Winter '15 Features We're Excited About

It’s that time of year again – Salesforce Winter ’15 release has come and gone. There are some exciting new features that will improve your user functionality, both digitally and mobile. Below are the top-3 Salesforce Winter ’15 features we’re excited about.

Salesforce for Outlook

Users can now do more with tasks directly in Outlook with two new features. You can now view the Salesforce Side Panel in Outlook while working with tasks. Link Outlook Tasks to up to two Salesforce Contacts and one additional record (ex: Opportunity, Case, Lead). Additionally, you can choose specific attachments to add to Salesforce when syncing emails.

How to enable

Setup > Build > Customize > Chatter > Email Settings select “Allow Attachments via Email” check-box.


Update to Task Assignments

This feature is a default for the Salesforce Winter ’15 release. Users can set whether they would like to be notified of task assignments via a new user setting. The checkbox per user is automatically set to True.

Be Aware

Removes former “Send Notification Email” checkbox when creating a Task. Workflow tasks that have the setting selected will no longer send a task notification if the user elects to have the notifications turned off

How to enable

Because this feature is a default, there is nothing you need to do to enable the notifications. In order to turn the notifications off, navigate to the name, My Settings > Calendar & Reminders > Reminders & Alerts: Email me when someone assigns me a task.


Salesforce1 Updates

Salesforce1, the new mobile application for Salesforce, comes with a handful of new features.

Salesforce1 now includes a Quick Start Wizard. From this wizard you can specify which items appear in the navigation menu, organize global actions, and create custom compact layouts for contacts. While it shows you how to make the compact layout for contacts, you’ll still want to create compact layouts for Accounts, Opportunities, etc.

Users can now convert leads to contacts, opportunities and accounts directly from the mobile app; as well as, work with records directly from lists, and create an action to allow users to add products to an opportunity. This is currently a Beta feature.


Honorable Mention

Along with the features above, Salesforce Winter ’15 release includes many new features that are still in the Beta phase. Features include the ability to create custom Lookup Field on Activity, and Duplicate Management.

To learn more about Salesforce Winter releases and what features you can take advantage of in your Salesforce organization, please contact us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.  If you would like information on the Salesforce Winter ’16 release, see our blog, “Salesforce Winter ’16 Release Gives Us Chills.”