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Salesforce Wave Analytics App

Salesforce Wave Analytics App offers a rich, responsive, mobile analytics platform for Salesforce users to analyze data and take action. Unlike other Analytics tools, Wave Analytics moves beyond basic snapshots to provide Salesforce customers with a “self-service” intelligence model.  With Wave Analytics, it’s possible to customize, connect, and deploy analytics from Salesforce quickly and easy.


Wave delivers a new level of insight into your data from virtually any device, anywhere, at any time. With Wave, you can tap into real-time Salesforce data updates with native integration and dynamically explore data on your desktop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere you have internet access.  And, once you’ve found what you’re looking for, you can quickly take action right from within Wave, executing many of the tasks you would in Salesforce. Creating a task, updating a record, sharing insights, and more are now all, literally, at your fingertips.


Wave Analytics is designed for mobile usage and optimized across every device. You can explore, slice, and share data instantly, no matter where you’re working.  Get answers and share findings — no desktop required, while letting your whole team have a conversation around data, collaborate on answers, and present findings right from their phones.


It’s easy to connect to your existing Salesforce data, with the speed and security you already know.  Wave Analytics sets up fast — in weeks, not months – and you don’t have to worry about hardware hiccups or software updates. Wave is reliable, convenient, and gets up and running much quicker than traditional solutions.


In addition to providing their customers with an analytics solution designed for people on the go, Wave developers have already begun developing Service and Sales apps.  The Wave Analytics Sales app is promising to deliver access to performances, potential opportunities and the sales pipeline in an easy to use format, all from your mobile device.  The Services app flips the focus to the support initiatives of your company and, once out of pilot phase, will provide insight into support case management and team member productivity.


To learn more, contact Revolution Group Salesforce Services Division at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below to see how Salesforce Wave Analytics can be the next big step towards efficiency for your company.