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Salesforce Unveils a New User Experience

Salesforce New User Experience

Salesforce unveils a new User Experience to user groups around the world yesterday. Dubbed as “Lightning Experience”, the new User Interface (UI) is geared toward improving the User Experience for sales professionals in order to sell faster, work more productively, and make better decisions.

The makeover goes beyond just a pretty facelift. The new Lightning Experience will dramatically change the overall experience for sales professionals. Here are three ways Salesforce users will see improvements:


New User Interface provides a modern, productive experience

In 2013, Salesforce began to expand their mobile platform, Salesforce1. In this mobile platform, there was a lot of focus on user interface, data visualization, customization and how to access relevant data in one place. Salesforce used the same strategy when designing the new Lightning Experience, effectively separating the interface from the data in order to provide a dynamic, customizable interface on desktops.

The new interface will roll-out to users on a user, profile, and org basis. However, users can transition to the new interface at their own comfortable speed. This will give users the opportunity to evaluate how each appexchange app is evolving, and make sure testing and validation is completed on VisualForce pages.

The Lightning Experience is designed around best-practices on workflow, and the experience breaks opportunities down into steps in order to quickly and easily complete tasks on a project.


A fully customizable experience for Sales Professionals

No two sales organizations are alike, and no two Sales Cloud implementations are the same. However, with the old Sales Cloud experience, it was extremely difficult to separate the data from the interface in order to provide customizable dashboards.

With a focus on data visualization, the Lightning Experience provides users the ability to drag-and-drop components with interactive tools. Now all of the data that is most relevant to an organization can be customized on the homepage.

As users build dashboards, they can have up to 9 columns of components (a vast improvement from the 3 columns that were available to users). Much like Wave Analytics, each component of a dashboard can be dropped onto the homepage and resized to highlight the most important information.



Trailhead helps users learn about the new Lightning Experience

Salesforce Admins and developers alike can explore the new user experience with new trails available on the interactive training module known as Trailhead. Learn how to rollout Lightning Experience in your organization and how to build Lightning Components on the various CRM admin and developer trails now available.

For more information about the Lightning Experience, us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.


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