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Salesforce Summer '21 Release Highlights

Welcome back to another installment of Salesforce Release: A Love Story. Ok, I made that up – but here at Revolution Group we really do love it when Salesforce gives us cool new functionality to help us serve our customers better — and geek out on fun new automation tricks. I’m tempted to spend the next 1000 words telling you all about the cool new things the Salesforce declarative (no code necessary) automation tool Flow Builder can do. Instead, here’s a rundown of some functionality that will make yours and your team’s lives a little easier.

Inline Editing in Reports

I had to put this first because it’s kind of the star of the show. Salesforce has really blown its reporting tool wide open with this functionality. Gone are the days of exporting and editing your records in excel, using clunky third-party apps, or (gasp!) updating each record one-by-one. Now, with inline editing, you can make changes to any text, numeric, or checkbox field right in the report and commit the change to the database immediately.

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Sales Navigator Native Integration

Last year, I had the (dis)pleasure of installing the old Sales Navigator connector. The results are seriously cool though! See your Account or Contact’s LinkedIn information right in Salesforce and even add a new Contact into Salesforce right from LinkedIn! The users at this client site seriously loved it so the work to get it installed was worth it. However, given this new native partnership with LinkedIn, installation is a breeze. Beyond this, they’ve added a little bit of new functionality like allowing you to send InMail right from Salesforce. Sweet!

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Better Reporting in High Velocity Sales

If you don’t know about High Velocity Sales let me tell you why we love it here at Revolution Group. High Velocity Sales runs on Sales Cadences. These Cadences allow you to create what basically amounts to a customer journey consisting of a regimen of calls, emails, InMails, and more. Imagine this: you send out a marketing email, Salesforce informs you that your prospect opened that email and clicked on a link. They are then added to a priority call queue to have your rep attempt to call them five times over the period of a month. You have call scripts embedded right in the page, and a pre-recorded voicemail message in case they don’t reach the prospect. If they get a hold of the person, they can disposition the call in a certain way to kick off the automatic creation of a new Opportunity.

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This is just a glimpse into what is possible. With that said, there have been some difficulties with reporting on some of this stuff. In this release, Salesforce is making big steps to fix those reporting issues by reporting on customer engagement of your Sales Cadence campaigns. If you want your Inside Sales team to process 2x (or more) leads per day, ask us about HVS. It’s awesome!

Track Active Licenses

Tired of wasting licenses on those users who aren’t actively engaging with Salesforce? Check out the new license tracking feature to see who is really using Salesforce.

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MFA Requirement

As consultants, one of our big responsibilities is to keep our customers’ Salesforce data safe from any breaches that could happen if one of us – let’s say – left our laptops at the coffee shop (across from my apartment this morning). With that said, we use a ton of multi-factor authentication with apps like Salesforce and Google Authenticators. At first, it was a drag but honestly, accidents happen when you’re rushing home after that second cappuccino. With that said, it’s about time to start thinking about the rollout plan to help keep your clients’ data safe too. Salesforce is requiring this change by 2/1/2022 but let’s not wait until the last minute. We’re already working on plans to help our clients roll out this change. We’d love the opportunity to help you with this and beyond.

If you have any questions about the new release items for Summer ’21 or just require basic Salesforce Support, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Revolution Group by email at [email protected]. We are here to help with your Salesforce (and Pardot) needs!