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Salesforce Summer '20 Release Highlights

The Salesforce Summer ’20 release contains several features that reduce clicks and make end users more efficient. Here are a few of our favorites!

Einstein Search

Einstein Search gives users a new interface for global search.  This powerful new feature is broken down into three different permissions: Einstein Search, Natural Language Search, and Instant Actionable Results.  All three of these permissions make it faster and easier to find the intended records.

Einstein Search provides search results based on the user’s history.

Natural Language Search

Natural Language Search gives users the ability to find the records they are look for by typing the way they would speak.  For example, if I search “My Open Opps this Year,” the search results will automatically filter the owner to the logged in user, closed to false, and the date to this year.

Revolution GroupInstant Actionable Results

Instant Actionable Results gives users the ability to view details and the related list of a record just by hovering over the search result.  This is important for users because you no longer need to navigate away from the search bar to find the information you need.

Revolution GroupKanBan List Views

In Summer ’20 release, we’re now able to utilize guidance for success in KanBan list views.  This allows users to make edits to key fields and see important information for each stage, without having to navigate away from the opportunity list view.  Confetti is also a new addition to KanBan list views.  Prior to this new release, these features were only available in the opportunity record page.

Revolution GroupSplit Views

Split views are now available for standard apps.  This feature displays a collapsible list view on the record page, allowing users to efficiently work through a list.  Prior to Summer ’20, this feature was only available in the console app.

Revolution GroupDynamic Forms

This highly anticipated feature is a game changer for Salesforce Admins.  Dynamic Forms allow admins to drag and drop fields throughout the Lightning Record Page in the same way as Lightning Components.  As a result, admins can add filtered criteria for individual fields or field sections.  This feature is currently only available for custom objects and needs to be enabled before it’s available.

Revolution GroupDynamic Actions

In the same way dynamic forms determine when to show a field or section, dynamic actions determine when to hide or show buttons. Admins are now able to control which lightning actions are displayed and when.  As an example, an admin may only want users to have the ability to delete projects in the new stage and not any other stage.  To accomplish this, the admin can add filtered criteria for the delete button based on the current opportunity stage.

Attaching CSV Files

Attach CSV’s to subscribed reports – A beta feature in the Summer ’20 release is the ability to attach a CSV to a subscribed report.  If the setting is enabled by an admin, an end user can subscribe to receive an email with an attachment for a report(s). Follow the steps below to enable this feature:

Setup > Reports and Dashboards Settings > select ‘Let users attach reports as files to report subscription emails in Lightning Experience.’

For more information about these and other new features in the Summer ’20 release, you can see the full release notes here. As always, if you need assistance with these new features or have other Salesforce related questions, do not hesitate to reach out to your Salesforce consultants here at Revolution Group.