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Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Highlights

Living in this high-tech world is fun and exciting but can be scary at times. Whenever some new cutting-edge technology is released, many individuals are skeptical because they don’t fully understand how to utilize the technology or realize the potential benefits. The same is true with Salesforce’s three releases a year. With the couple hundred pages of release notes, the hesitation to implement the new features is completely understandable.

This is why we’ve scoured the countless hours of release notes for you and have outlined the top features in the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, including why your organization would benefit from them.

Filters on Related Lists

Imagine being on an account record page with 100 opportunities and you’re looking for the records in the “Needs Analysis” stage. Prior to the Summer ’19 release, users would get to the opportunity related list on the account, but then be forced to use global search if they wanted to filter down to just the relevant results. Good news! Salesforce combined the filtering functionality of global search with related lists, improving the previously clunky process.

To try filtering by stage, click “view all” next to a related list and click on the funnel icon on the following screen. This will prompt you to filter the records by the Opportunity Name or other important fields on that object. In our opportunity example above, this allows us to filter by stage, refining the search to just the “Needs Analysis” opportunities.

Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Highlights

View Records Using Full View (Beta)

You’ve probably heard by now that Salesforce will be enabling Lightning for all organizations starting in the Winter ’20 release. This may seem daunting for those of you who are active Classic users and have grown comfortable with the existing record view. Thankfully, Salesforce has created a new record view to ease the transition between Classic and Lightning.

When we compare the differences between Lightning and Classic pages, many things come to mind. The main difference is that Lightning can have multiple sections where Classic only has one. Many users prefer the Classic version over the more “complex” Lightning view. Now admins have an option to either default the Lightning Experience Record Page view to Full View or keep the defaulted Grouped View. The grouped view has multiple sections and tabs for details, related lists, activity, and chatter, where the full view shows the details with the related lists below. Consider using the full view if you’re concerned with user adoption from Classic to Lightning as it’s a great way to ease your users into the Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Highlights
Comparing Full View (Left) and Grouped View (Right)

Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, Page 76

Organization Default for Viewing Activities

Another difference between Classic and Lightning is the way tasks are displayed. Classic shows a list with multiple fields, while breaking up the open and closed activities into two separate related lists. Meanwhile, Lightning takes a difference approach by displaying just the subject and date in a timeline view. If you prefer looking at activities in a detailed list, similar to an excel spreadsheet, the Related Lists view is the one for you. The related list view for activities may ease the transition from Classic to Lightning, in the same manner as the Record Page Full View does above.

Activity Timeline

Related Lists

Options to Display Related Lists (Beta)

If you’re already using Lightning, you’ve noticed that related lists only show four fields (if you count the title of the record). By using the new enhanced related list, you can show up to ten columns in a related list. It also allows you to sort and resize your columns, perform mass actions, and decide how many records you’d like to display in the related list before the user would need to click on “view all.”

Add Some Excitement Based on the Opportunity Stage

This feature is a lot of fun and can add excitement to your sales process. You can customize paths to display confetti based on a specific milestone. Celebrate closed won opportunities with this fun new feature!

Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Highlights
Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, Page 118-119

There are a ton of awesome new features in the Summer ’19 release, but these 5 features could be the tipping point to make you switch from Classic to Lightning. The rollout for Lightning is coming in October and while it may seem intimidating, these new features will help your transition to Lightning be as painless as possible – are you ready?

If you’re still sweating over the Summer ’19, we’d be happy to talk with you about how you can utilize the new features to improve your business and make your users more efficient!

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