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Top 5 Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Highlights

The Spring ’21 release is full of exciting features. Although the release doesn’t have any huge, game-changing features as we’ve seen in the past couple of releases, the new features and enhancements are exactly what we needed as admins and end-users. Utilizing the features in this release will allow admins to use native Salesforce functionality for items previously accomplished through code, third-party apps, or switching to classic. As an end result, users will be more efficient by staying native to the Salesforce platform without having to navigate elsewhere, even for release highlights or to access Trailheads!

1. Page Performance Analysis

Page load times are a high priority when it comes to user adoption. If the system is continuously slow, end users will refuse to use it. As a result, Salesforce has made it easier than ever to identify the predicted page load time, along with a breakdown by component. As an admin, this is my favorite feature in the Spring ‘21 release because we can directly identify the root cause of our load times. For example, below is a screenshot of my opportunity lightning record page. By clicking on analyze, I can see the related lists are taking the longest time with loading the page. Consequently, I can make chatter the default tab and my loading times become much quicker.

Revolution Group2. Customize Your Default No-Reply Address for Email Notifications

Organizations that use cases are very familiar with Salesforce’s no-reply email address ([email protected]). This is the email used to send notifications to the customer when “Send Case Notifications from System Address” is enabled. New to this release, organizations have the ability to create their own no-reply address, overriding the default.

Revolution Group

3. In-App Learning with Trailhead (Beta)

Trailhead is now more accessible than ever! In-App Learning gives system administrators the ability to assign Trailhead modules to end users without ever leaving Salesforce. To add new module assignments, navigate to the learning tab and select “New” as shown below.

Revolution GroupThis will allow end users to view their assigned trailhead modules directly in Salesforce by clicking on the button in the top right corner.

Revolution Group

Once the module is selected, the user can complete the training in Salesforce without having to navigate away from the page!

Revolution Group
4. Manually Share Records

Manual sharing of records is now supported in Lightning! When setting up the security model of a Salesforce environment, there are certain situations which fall outside of sharing rules, org-level security, etc. Most of the record level security is accounted for, but there may be situations where records need to be manually shared with a user. This is where this new feature comes into play. We can grant a user access to a record on accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, leads, and custom objects. Prior to this release, the work around was to install a package from the app exchange or switch back to Classic.

Revolution Group5. Flow Enhancements

Flow has slowly become the preferred method of automation. With each release, Salesforce continues to unveil a new flow feature that may not look impressive by itself, but when you look at everything Flow can do, you can see the investment Salesforce is making with this feature. In the same way as process builder rules phased out workflow, we expect flows will do the same with Flows.

Some of the new enhancements to Salesforce Flows include sending rich text emails, scheduled Path to record-triggered flow, and multi column screen flows (beta). While utilizing these new features, system admins can use flows to accomplish requirements previously resolved with process builder or code. This allows for an all-in-one location for most of the automation.

If you have any questions about the new release items for Spring ’21 or just require basic Salesforce Support, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Revolution Group by email at [email protected]. We are here to help with your Salesforce (and Pardot) needs!