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Salesforce Certifications Help Us Help You

CTO Mike Ravagnani is Serious About Lifelong Learning

One of Revolution Group’s core values is “Lifelong Learning” and no one embodies that better than our CTO Mike Ravagnani. Mike recently earned the rigorous and highly sought-after Salesforce Application Architect Certification.

As a co-owner and head of our development group, Mike is an integral part of the Revolution Group Salesforce Consulting team. Throughout his 21 years as a consultant, he has led hundreds of mission critical Salesforce and development projects.

Certified Salesforce Application Architects have extensive knowledge of Salesforce’s features and functionality which enables them to help clients solve complex business problems. With six different Salesforce certifications and his broad knowledge of multiple development platforms, Mike is able to draw on his skills and experience to assess customer requirements to design high-performance technical solutions.

“The Salesforce Application Architect Certification has given me a more well-rounded view of how to solve technical challenges for our Salesforce customers. I understand the Salesforce native sharing model at a much more granular level,” Mike said.


What that Means to Customers

“The day after I passed the final exam, I was able to solve complex issues for two different clients that would have otherwise required me to write code. Instead, the Salesforce solution was easier, faster and more elegant, saving time and money for our customers.”

As a Salesforce partner we are constantly on the cutting edge of new and innovative technologies. Salesforce certifications and ongoing training give us the knowledge that we need to tackle complicated business problems.

Mike isn’t the only Salesforce team member who pursues Lifelong Learning. Check out our entire line-up of Salesforce Certified Consultants here.