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Top Microsoft Ignite 2021 Highlights

Time flies! Microsoft Ignite 2021 just wrapped up and it feels like only yesterday Microsoft concluded their first 100% virtual conference at Ignite 2020. During their second year hosting Ignite as a completely virtual conference, Microsoft announced lots of exciting new things. Check out our top highlights:

Microsoft Mesh

One of the first things announced was Microsoft Mesh, Microsoft’s mixed reality platform powered by Azure. This platform gives users the ability to encourage connection, even in today’s remote work environment. This is done using either Avatars or Holoportation.

What is Holoportation? It’s just a fancy way to say you can project yourself virtually to connect with others. It sounds like something straight out of a science fiction novel, but Microsoft is working to make that a reality. Microsoft Mesh was demonstrated right out of the gate with their signature keynote discussion sharing new and advanced technologies. 

This technology can help solve a number of real-world problems. During the demonstration, the mixed reality platform was used to overlay a machine repair tutorial on a plant floor. It was also presented displaying a car’s mechanical systems, helping to reduce troubleshooting times and speed up the diagnostic process. 

Project Origin

Project Origin is Microsoft’s solution, attempting to solve the disinformation problem we have as a society. The idea is to validate articles when they are published by tracking them with a chain of authority. This can be done through blockchain-like technology. If at any point during retransmission of the information it becomes altered, it is flagged. 

New in Microsoft Teams

It would not be Microsoft Ignite without announcing various new adjustments with Microsoft Teams. It is clear Teams is a key investment for Microsoft, and they’re continuing to optimize and develop in the platform.

  • One of the bigger announcements was the launch of Microsoft Teams Connect. This is the ability to create Shared Channels that can be shared with anyone inside or outside of your organization. It will allow the channel to show up within the individual’s primary Microsoft Teams tenant, so no more swapping between various Teams! 
  • Another Teams item mentioned is PowerPoint LiveThis will allow presenters to share their PowerPoint presentations with their co-presenters and share slide control. 
  • Also new at this year’s conference is Presenter Mode. Now when sharing a screen, you can keep the presenter’s image available while content is being shared. 

 For more information on what Microsoft Teams has to offer or why Teams can assist in collaboration and security strategy, check out these infographics from Microsoft or read more on our blog. There are so many other wonderful things announced for Teams as we continue into 2021 and beyond.

Hybrid Work Security Solutions

As always, Microsoft is keeping a security-first focus. They continue to find ways to make Zero Trust more inclusive. Security inclusivity allows us to remain secure while not taking away from collaboration.

  • Microsoft Information Protection update: you are now able to co-author on encrypted documents similar to any other document collaboration. 
  • Passwordless Authentication: newly released into General Availability is the option to log in with your Azure Active Directory account WITHOUT a password. 
  • Windows Hello for Business: By utilizing other forms of authentication such as Windows Hello for Business, the Microsoft Authenticator app, or compatible FIDO2 security keys, you can get away from having to remember a password and instead authenticate with something you have on your person.  

There were a lot of amazing announcements from Ignite this year. You can read more by checking out the Microsoft Book of News for Ignite 2021. If you have questions on any of our Microsoft Ignite highlights, or would like to talk to someone on our Managed Service team about how these new features will affect your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at 614-212-1101 or [email protected].