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How to Use the New Lightning Process Builder in Your Organization

The Lightning Process Builder is a revolutionary product that can change your Salesforce org in unprecedented ways. Combining the capabilities of Workflow and Visual Flow, the Lightning Process Builder gives Salesforce Administrators the ability to build complex processes, declaratively, with point and click technology.  Actions that once required code-bound Developers can now be completed quickly through a series of clicks by a Salesforce Administrator. The new Lightning platform allows for multiple workflow actions to be completed with just a few clicks. The extraordinary potential has many Salesforce users wondering how they can use the tool in their own organization.

Here at Revolution Group, Salesforce users wasted no time embracing the new tool. Salesforce Administrator, Jessika Botruff, and Salesforce Consultant, Luke Van Horn, use the tool in a variety of ways both in the office and on-the-go.

Setup New Users

As Revolution Group continues to grow, our Salesforce Administrator, Jessika, is adding new users regularly. The new Lightning Process Builder gives her the ability to setup users quickly and give them all the information they need to be successful with Salesforce. Using the Lightning Process Builder, Jessika created a process to be triggered when a new user record is created. The actions in the flow post a welcome message to the user’s Chatter profile, adds them to relevant Chatter Groups, creates the user Contact and Account records, and creates a task assigned to the Salesforce Admin to schedule Salesforce Training meetings.

Lightning Process Builder

Mobile Automation

Any consultant will tell you their life is always on the go. The ability to quickly update records on a mobile device thrills Luke Van Horn. “With the Lightning Process Builder, we have given insurance agencies’ field producers the ability to make updates to multiple records with just a few touches on their mobile devices from Salesforce1. When a producer indicates that an Opportunity has been placed with a carrier, all open Submissions records are closed — all from his or her mobile device. This previously required a trigger that had to be built by developers.”

Update Accounts from Closed-Won Opportunities

Within the sales process, sales reps are required to update Account information when a related Opportunity is Closed-Won. The Lightning Process Builder provides an automated solution. When an Opportunity is Closed-Won, the process reviews the Opportunity and, based on division, updates specific Account fields for each division type. The new process benefits both sales and marketing because now sales reps can focus on the next Opportunity and marketing is guaranteed clean data for creating Campaigns.

Lightening Process Builder

Create a Contract Record from a Closed-Won Opportunity

In order to continually improve procedures, Jessika used the Lightning Process Builder to create a Contract record and notify finance for billing from a closed-won Opportunity. When the Opportunity is for a Subscription — or recurring revenue stream — finance and support needed a way to know the type of contract or support agreement the customer purchased. The new process creates a contract record, activates the contract record, and sends finance an email notification for billing. When the contract comes due, finance is sent an email notification to create a new sales invoice for renewal. If the customer renews their service agreement, finance is able to easily create a new, active contract by checking a renewal checkbox on the previous contract record.

Lightning Process Builder

Call Visual Workflow & Approval Process to Collect Data

Based on the input criteria of a saved Opportunity, Luke used the Lightning Process Builder and Visual Workflow to collect various complicated pieces of data from the Sales Team for the handoff of a Closed-Won Opportunity to the Service Team. Additionally, when an Opportunity is Closed-Lost, an Approval Process is initiated to the Sales Team Manager to review. This updated information helps to complete all necessary data for different departments internally.


Salesforce Admins can now declaratively build more powerful apps that automate work and improve productivity. It is important to note that while the Lightning Process Builder improves the automation process, the true benefit comes from having Salesforce Admins make large process changes without needing to employ the support of a developer. These new automation actions greatly increase the tool set of Salesforce Administrators with Enterprise edition and above — which has us wondering… how do you plan on using the new Salesforce Lightning Process Builder in your organization?

For more information about the Lightning Process Builder or to learn how you use it in your Salesforce Organization, please call us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.