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Insurance Industry: What is Your Financial Services Cloud Tipping Point? 

In Saleforce’s Winter ’20 release, the twelfth release improving Financial Services Cloud (FSC), the suite of solutions continues to rapidly mature. With each new release, the return on investment of an FSC conversion increases. If you haven’t converted yet, what is your Financial Services Cloud tipping point? Where does FSC fit on your Salesforce roadmap?

  • Is your organization struggling to maintain a complicated data model in custom objects?
  • Would you like to redeploy expensive resources tied up in building and maintaining custom integrations?
  • Are your customer experience efforts demanding more sophisticated workflows and persona-specific procedures?
  • Is your agency portal meeting the demands of the next generation of independent agents?
  • Are you struggling to extend your 360-view of the customer to your agents and field staff?

If you relate to any of these, it may be time to give Financial Services Cloud a deeper look. FSC provides the insurance industry with next-generation capabilities on the Salesforce platform. Key highlights include:

Data Model Scaled to Meet the Needs of the Data-Intensive Insurance Industry

With seven new insurance standard objects and dozens of standard fields added in the Winter ’20 release alone, the Financial Services Cloud data model now covers everything from customer to policy to claims to agents and more! The FSC data model, coupled with Salesforce’s reporting and analytics capabilities, gives your sales and service teams actionable customer insights.

Integrate with Policy Administration and Supporting Technologies

The Salesforce partnership with participating policy administration systems and the Salesforce AppExchange ecosystem provides a standardized framework for technology integration. Utilize the rich customer data in your underlying policy systems and give your customers a world-class experience with FSC.

Business and Life Events Support World-Class Customer Experience Initiatives

Provide your sales and service teams with the tools they need to exceed your customers’ expectations with business and life events. Connect with your customers in the moments that matter.

What is Financial Services Cloud?
Salesforce Winter ’20 Release, Page 380
What is Financial Services Cloud?
Salesforce Winter ’20 Release, Page 379

Provide Your Agents with Industry-Leading Sales and Service Capabilities

Extend the power of Financial Services Cloud to your agents and collaborate in real time on sales and service opportunities. Collaboration between agents and employees accelerates growth and allows everyone to provide the customer with exceptional service.

What is Financial Services Cloud?
Salesforce Winter ’20 Release, Page 377

Have you reached your Financial Services Cloud tipping point?

To explore how Financial Services Cloud fits into your Salesforce roadmap, contact me, Mara Bain, Director of Insurance Services here at Revolution Group. [email protected] or by phone at (614)212-1111 x129.

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