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Drive Your Business to Success with Plex

The word “drive” can be used in a few different scenarios – you can control the momentum of something, i.e., driving an automobile.  Drive can also be used motivationally – you can “drive” to constantly strive for improvements, efficiency and perfection. Here’s how Revolution Group’s partnership can drive your business to success with Plex.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud connects these two forms of drive.  As the ERP system of choice for many tier-1 suppliers, Plex is an expert in automotive manufacturing.  Plex also excels in the food and beverage industry because of its unmatched traceability functionality.  The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is one of only a few truly native cloud ERP applications, and it is quickly gaining momentum as a premiere ERP solution for today’s manufacturers.

Plex drives for constant improvement, from both a user standpoint and for system enhancements.  Plex technology is built from the plant floor up to take maximum advantage of cloud computing. Thanks to its state-of-the-art multi-tenant model, manufacturers can run their ERP operations on an affordable, scalable platform that delivers continuous innovation. Additionally, Plex is a highly configurable system that offers infinite scalability — expanding as needed with Plex handling the IT infrastructure.  Plex also offers enterprise-class security at a low, predictable cost.  Manufacturers no longer need to worry about database capacity, number of users, adding another plant or how much storage or computing power they need. Plex allows monitoring of users and activity across the entire enterprise from a single location.   Plex delivers 99.985% uptime — meeting or exceeding the service levels of the internal IT departments at most organizations.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives manufacturers everything they need to run their mission-critical ERP operations, allowing them to stay focused on making products instead of software and hardware upkeep.

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