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Do you Need a Salesforce Product Owner?

With over 150,000 customers and just shy of 4 million users, Salesforce is the number one CRM on the market. It is flexible, dynamic, and reliable. How can you get the most out of your Salesforce investment? Make sure you have a Salesforce product owner.

What is a Salesforce Product Owner?

The most important job of a Salesforce product owner is to help provide and maintain a clear vision and goal for your company’s usage of Salesforce. There are many opinions and many voices at any workplace and as the company gets bigger so do the opinions, voices, and ideas for what to do with and how to best use your Salesforce CRM. Having someone capture these and work with management to decide a clear vision and path forward is critical.

What does a Project Owner do?

A Salesforce product owner takes the goals and objectives for any given timeframe (month/quarter/year) and provides a clear and cohesive path forward. This includes prioritizing a working backlog of items to show what is being worked on, what will be worked on, and what is complete. This gives the company a clear understanding of what can be expected within their CRM this week, this month, quarter and year. It is the product owner’s responsibility to know the company’s goals and objectives within Salesforce and to meet deadlines set by management.

Considerations When Choosing a Product Owner

A Salesforce product owner should have knowledge of all Salesforce related products and be able to manage multiple Salesforce platforms as it pertains to their company’s use of Salesforce. This knowledge is key for the product owner to continue to work on improving, evolving, and managing all Salesforce products used within or connected to their company’s instance of Salesforce. They need to constantly evaluate their use of Salesforce so that they can maximize product efficiency, continue to innovate within their instance, and strive to make the best user experience possible.

Revolution Group consultants assists our customers’ Salesforce product owners. We provide a working backlog of items and strive to make sure all expectations and deadlines are met. We want you to get the best use out of Salesforce to help your business grow, fix inefficiencies, or simply make the day to day use of the system better and easier for end users. We provide a group of highly trained Salesforce consultants experienced in multiple platforms and multiple products.

We want to get to know you and your business and make sure that we do all that we can to maximize your Salesforce experience. A Salesforce product owner is a key cog in your Salesforce machine, so if you are looking for help filling this crucial role within your company’s Salesforce CRM, contact Revolution Group by phone at 614-212-1111 or by email at [email protected].