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3 Ways That Salesforce Will Completely Change The Way You Do Sales

Better data, better leads

If you are in sales or marketing, you know what it’s like to sift through a generated leads list with hundreds of company names, contacts, emails and phone numbers. When and how were these prospects contacted? What is the next activity? More importantly, is the data correct? Fortunately, Salesforce makes data entry a seamless process, but if employees aren’t meticulous about the accuracy of the data that’s uploaded, you risk importing erroneous information or uploading duplicates. Pro tip: Advise your sales representatives to update prospect information and add activities as they work. By doing so, they will save themselves an inordinate amount of time and make data entry less of an event and more of a routine business process. With the proper training, Salesforce can give you access to better leads, which leads to more sales.  


Treat your prospect as a person, rather than a number 

Salesforce makes maintaining relationships easier by giving users a 360-degree view of prospects and customers. With immediate access to your database and real-time updates, it is far easier to track every activity that occurs. From phone conversations to in-person meetings to product orders, you are able to view the entire history of the prospect. You have the information you need to give customers and prospects the service and attention they need.  Plus, all of this can be done at your fingertips thanks to the Salesforce mobile app. You have all of your data when you need it, where you need it.   


Sales automation

Sales and marketing automation can save your organization time and money by expediting the sales cycle and giving executives information they need to make good business decisions. With email and task automation, you can streamline the sales process.  At certain stages in the sales cycle, you can set up tasks for specific team members and trigger emails to be sent. For example, as you get website clicks from previous customers, you can auto generate an email with coupons to push them to finalize their order. If you’re sending out automated emails to your leads list, you can be sure that your sales representatives get in touch with prospects by automating an “assign to” task when a prospect opens the email.  


With Salesforce’s reporting capabilities, you are able to create custom report to easily track leads, opportunities, conversion rates using real-time data.  Reports can be created and delivered automatically with customized data based on job role. This gives each team member the information they need when they need it so they are able to make informed decisions. This automation creates transparency between departments, faster response times for customers and a more comprehensive view of the sales process. While the set-up can be time consuming at first, the long-term benefits outweigh the short-term effort. After implementing Salesforce, you gain an awareness of your customers’ needs and with that, you can streamline your business and maximize your revenue stream.  


Revolution Group’s team of Salesforce Consultants have years of experience helping clients customize Salesforce to meet their unique business needs. If you would like to learn  more, please contact us at 614-212-1101 or [email protected].