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5 Ways Insurance Agents Can Utilize CRM to Drive Growth

In last week’s blog, we discussed building a customer-centric environment within your CRM system. This strategy will arm your business development team and agents with valuable insights, enabling your organization to build and automate business processes. The result is improved efficiency and performance. This week, we take it a step further and discuss how insurance agents can leverage the power of CRM to drive growth in your organization.

In this digital age, agents have unlimited tools at their disposal. Automated CRM processes provide agents a holistic view of their organization. With just a few clicks, you gain real-time data to assist with insightful decision-making.

Here are 5 ways agents can utilize CRM to drive growth:


Tracking Capabilities

As insurance brokers, you wear multiple hats. Managing the different aspects of the job is simplified with the variety of tracking capabilities built into a CRM solution such as Salesforce.

Agents and Brokers that utilize a CRM solution can build a 360-degree view of prospects with prospect tracking abilities. As an agent, imagine having key insights on prospect activities such as: email correspondence, files downloaded, pages visited and more. With this knowledge, agents are able to easily recognize qualified prospects in order to take high-value actions.

A CRM solution also enables agents to track important dates such as x-dates, providing you with the opportunity to automate upcoming renewal process well before the deadline. 


Manage Pipeline

In order to foster production and agency growth, producers are increasingly turning to CRM systems to help monitor the progress of opportunities. With a CRM system, producers and agents can easily track pipeline stages. Streamline the sales process to quickly move leads through the pipeline with an in-depth view of your leads, prospects, x-dates, submissions & quotes, and policy changes.


Generating ACORD eForms

Tap into the power of Salesforce with RevON Insurance eForms. Insurance professionals now have the ability to create pre-filled ACORD forms from data in both standard and custom Salesforce object records. With over 700 ACORD forms available, agents and producers can now bridge the gap between sales and service activities, helping to streamline the sales and application submission process.


Dashboards and Reports

Reporting is now simplified with a customizable CRM system like Salesforce. With just a few clicks, agents and producers can set up customized reports and dashboards that provides real-time dashboard of opportunities in the pipeline; closed won premiums by producer; total revenue of premium won opportunities; number of submissions per carrier; top carriers, and much more. With detailed insights, carriers and producers have a good understanding of performance, and can make critical decisions based on visualized data.


Mobile Management

Salesforce1, the mobile cloud platform, allows for a new generation of insurance specific solutions to evolve, enabling insurance principles to conduct their business processes on the go. With all CRM capabilities, functionality and the entire database available via mobile, agents and producers can untether from the office and effectively prospect and market on the go. Managers and agents also have all dashboards and reports available at their fingertips with the ability to drill down into specific reports, accounts and prospects.

CRM to drive growth


New business development is an essential responsibility of agents and producers. Implementing an automated sales process within a CRM system delivers more leads, more closed won opportunities, and accelerates productivity.

As the insurance industry continues to evolve, staying on top of trends and best-practices is essential for your organization. For more information about Salesforce for Insurance, please follow our blog series: Moving Your Agency to the Cloud – Extending the Power of Salesforce for Insurance Professionals.  Call us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.