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3 Ways Community Cloud Invigorates Insurance Industry

Technology is rapidly shifting the way in which insurance operations engage with their customers. In this customer-centric environment, users of technology expect a seamless user experience as they complete a customer journey.

In the insurance industry, users want the ability to interact, research and buy products online. Providing a flourishing digital hub for carriers, agents, producers, partners, customers, and prospects alike expands collaboration touch points and increases engagement. This effectively connects principals with customers and provides a rich self-service experience.

In a CRM system, an online community solution, such as the Community Cloud from Salesforce, provides the opportunity for insurance carriers to meets these customer-centric demands in unprecedented ways and builds loyal relationships for years to come.

Here are 3 ways the Community Cloud invigorates the insurance industry:


Provide Information to the Customer Quickly and Easily

Utilizing a member portal built on the platform empowers your agency to provide access to real-time policy information at any moment. Imagine your customers having direct access to documents such as policies, invoices, insurance ID cards and more!

Funneling data streams into your portal allows you to prioritize which information your members think is most important, and put that information front and center. As you build your community, remember to keep customer service data in mind. As you provide answers to a variety of questions through an online portal, you begin to increase customer satisfaction. No longer do members need to call Customer Service Representatives for answers, as it’s provided with an online smorgasbord of information.


Modernize the Customer Experience

Customers are becoming savvier and savvier with technology, and they want their experience to be digital, human-centric and optimized across multiple platforms. With this consumerization of IT, insurance carriers must now consider how they can provide this modern customer experience.

A member portal powered by the Community Cloud delivers a modern experience that revitalizes the claims process, yields increased visibility to customers, and connects a member to an Agent on an exceptional level.

Integrate claims data such as vendor billing history, claims and activity to provide a real-time tracker for members to stay up to date with what’s happening in the claims process.

Carriers can also utilize features such as Chatter to connect members to Agents, providing answers to questions in a prevailing news-feed format.

As the demand for mobility increases, a CRM solution with a built in mobile platform, like Salesforce1, helps to modernize the unique customer experience while on the go.


Build long-lasting relationships with customers

It’s a simple idea: The happier your customers are, the more likely they will remain loyal to your brand. By providing an authentic experience in a community portal, Agents and Carriers are able to build a rapport with members by providing a central point of contact, enabling customers to give immediate feedback. A community portal also gives Carriers the opportunity to deliver responsive customer-service, all the while reducing call volume.


For more information on how you can use a Community Portal to provide a rich customer experience, please call us at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.