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3 Salesforce Service Cloud Features You Should Get Excited About

“Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game.  Service wins the game,” Tony Allesandra, American best-selling author.  In 2015, Salesforce introduced exciting new features and enhancements to their Service Cloud to further revolutionize post-sale efforts between companies and their clients.  Service Cloud, coupled with Sales Cloud, has provided Salesforce customers with a true end-to-end customer relationship management tool. With the common goal of tracking sales from start to finish made possible by Sales Cloud, companies are now turning to Salesforce Service Cloud features to enhance their ability to maintain a positive relationship with the customer long after the sale is finalized.


NOTE: Before discussing our three favorite Salesforce Service Cloud features, we should note that some of the features below require additional Salesforce licenses and will need to be enabled by your administrator.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

1. Lightning Console

Lightning Console is an enhanced design to the Service Cloud console. The Service Cloud console compiles all of your customer information in one central location, providing quick and easy access to customer contact information, as well as, recent cases and activities. The enhanced design makes it easier for customer service agents to spot the information they need to get their jobs done faster.  It displays simpler lists with responsive columns allowing customer service agents to see more details without having to use the scroll bars. The case feed has been enhanced to allow for easier scanning, speeding up the ability of your agents to perform common actions, such as creating new contacts and cases without needing to switch between screens. The Lightning Console enables agents to be more productive by using enhanced algorithms to suggest relevant knowledge articles, macros, and recommended actions from similar cases.  For obvious reasons, customers are loving the enhancements to the service cloud console.

2. Omni-Channel Presence and Routing

Omni-Channel Presence and Routing is paving the way to a higher level of customer service standards through intuitive software programmed to fit your business needs and goals. Omni-channel routes items, such as cases or leads, to agents automatically so they no longer have to pick work items out of a queue. In addition to routing items, priority of work now can be defined as well, so higher priority items are routed to the appropriate and available agent in a timely manner. Priority of work allows your agents to work on items they are specialized in so they can assist your customers faster and more efficiently.

3. Salesforce Service for Apps

Powered by the Service Cloud, Service for Apps has transformed in-app support for the mobile app industry.  With Chat for Apps, Tap-to-Call for Apps, Knowledge for Apps, Cases for Apps and Salesforce SOS for Apps, any company can embed customer service in their mobile apps to provide personalized support and expedite case resolution.

  • Chat for Apps allows your customers to message a customer support agent without leaving the app
  • Tap to Call for Apps allows your customers to easily contact your customer support agents live
  • Knowledge for Apps provides access to your knowledge articles and FAQs without having to leave your app
  • Cases for Apps allows your customer to easily create and monitor their customer support cases from anywhere and anytime using their mobile device
  • Salesforce SOS for Apps allows your agents and customers to connect through a one-way video stream, screen sharing, and two-way audio conversations


The experts at Revolution Group understand the need for companies to have a customer relationship management software that is easily accessible and creates a process that is repeatable and measurable.  Our Salesforce Consultants are ready to help you take your business to the next level by leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud features.

To learn about more Salesforce features, see our blog, “Top 4 Most Underutilized Salesforce Features.”  Call us today at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.