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10 Quick Tips About Salesforce

Salesforce, the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) system, is a cloud computing tool that is both user friendly and highly customizable. Most companies considering Salesforce as their new CRM system don’t fully understand how truly customizable it is. With the help of expert consultants, the Salesforce platform can be configured to meet almost any business need.  To prove that, here are 10 quick tips about Salesforce to help increase productivity and improve user adoption.


10 Quick Tips About Salesforce


1. Salesforce Success Community

Do you have login credentials for accessing Salesforce? If yes, then you have access to the Salesforce Success Community.  The Salesforce Success Community allows you to ask questions about issues you are struggling with, provide feedback and collaborate with other Salesforce users and employees.


2. Turn on Field History Tracking

Need to know a data field’s previous value? Turn on Field History Tracking to see the values that have been replaced in a particular field.  Using Field History Tracking, you can see when the field was changed and who made the change.  Keep in mind, there is a data storage implication, as each field history record uses 2KB of space.


3. Automation

Are you still tracking data in spreadsheets or legacy systems? Salesforce provides tools to automate processes being done outside of Salesforce.  Combining disparate systems in Salesforce provides a single location where you can view all of your client related data.


4. Duplicate Data Management

Do you have an issue with duplicate data in your system? To combat duplicate data, Salesforce has a native duplicate management tool.  Salesforce’s duplicate management tool can easily be configured to meet your organization’s individual business needs to help you reduce or eliminate duplicate data records in your system.


5. Report Receipt Automation

Are there reports your team uses on a regular basis? Save your employees time by scheduling the report to automatically be emailed to them at regular intervals.  This will allow them to see the latest reporting data without having to login to Salesforce and run the report.


6. Rename Object, Tab and Field Labels

Does your organization use specific terminology? You can change object names and fields in Salesforce to better align with your business terminology and help make the transition and user-adoption of Salesforce easier.


7. Salesforce AppExchange

Now that your users know how easy it is to configure Salesforce, are they asking for specific functionality? Check out the Salesforce AppExchange. It features several thousand apps and many of them are free.  You will find many varieties of apps that are available for nearly any business process, and implementing an app will eliminate the need to configure Salesforce from scratch.


8. Idea Exchange

Are there things you think Salesforce should be able to do but it doesn’t? If so, you can post your ideas in the Salesforce Idea Exchange.  It’s moderated by Salesforce employees and if your idea gets enough votes from other users, Salesforce will consider putting it into one of its three major annual releases.


9. Mass Email

Do you regularly send email to internal and external people related to your organization? You can use Salesforce to send mass emails to your contacts, leads, person accounts (if enabled) and users.  Send a quick email to all your users using mass email for quick updates and announcements.


10. Backup Your Data

Do you worry about your users deleting records or losing data? You can set up a weekly data export in Salesforce which will allow you to recover any records that were accidently deleted and remove them from the recycle bin.  If you need more frequent data backups you can review a third party solution, such as Backupify or Reflection.


We hope you enjoyed our quick tips about Salesforce. Revolution Group employs a team of Salesforce consultants and developers who specialize in creating custom Salesforce solutions for your business.  If you would like to learn more about the various customizations that Salesforce can offer, please call us today at 614-212-1111 or fill out the form below.